August 17th, 2009

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TV Tropes & To Watch List...

So for the first time ever, I discovered the TV Tropes website and am in LOVE

Certain pages like Took a Level in Badass and the Evil Overlord list (which includes LINKS to various tropes mentioned, OMG) I haven't even finished and somehow for each page I read, I end up clicking on about three links which means...there are about 50 pages I still need to read >_>

And who knew that the whole trope of Wake up, Go To School, Save the World was invented with the Amazing Spiderman comics?

Some tropes that had me laughing:

Love At First Sight: Example: Wall-E falls in love with Eve the first time he sees her. Possibly justified in that Eve is the first living thing he's seen other than cockroaches.

Murder The Hypotenuse: Strange Example: Thanos cursed Deadpool with immortality. The catch? Thanos's love interest, Death, is herself in love with Deadpool and the feeling is mutual. By keeping Deadpool alive indefinitely, he won't be able to cockblock Thanos.

Anyway, this lead to me realising I'm a complete Spoiler Hound and also that the TV Tropes site is a great way to find stuff to watch/read - here's my list at the moment:

Reread/rewatch...Collapse )

Need to pick up again and catchup/finish...Collapse )

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