August 27th, 2009

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Yay, bulletsies!

[001] halcyonjazz posted a comic here and it totally made my day. If you've been feeling down or just want the warm 'n fuzzy feeling, its worth it :3

[002] Started watching the kdrama Style, and its seriously fab.

[003] I think I was dying my hair brown every 6-8 weeks since last year, and decided to dye it blue black this month. I'd forgotten how black makes the face so much brighter \o/

[004] Have been catching up on DevART and my favorites collections have expanded - I'd make a rec post of pretty art and stuff but in this case, there is just SO MUCH SHINY so am just linking them :D

[005] In regards to new shows, have been watching Drop Dead Diva on a week to week basis - its fun, and while sometimes its borderline cheesy, it still has its moments ♥

[006] I was talking to my sis about this before and it seems like all I need is a sad moment in a show/anime/movie with an appropriate emo!song, and tears start streaming down my face.

It never used to happen when I was younger, but then, I also used to have cat fights with my sis that involved hair pulling (on her part) and clawing (on my part). I guess the trade-off for growing out of that means sniffling through every scene with a sad song. I'd like to say that's a good thing but...>_>

[007] Always wondered: who else hates their eyebrows? Mine are the width of my fingers (HUGE) and need to be waxed ever 2-3 weeks. If I ever decide to go for one of those laser hair removal treatments advertised on the radio, there's no question what would be first. GRR. ARGH. Not to mention, waxing facial hair is infinitely more painful than even the bikini line ;_; Surely there have to be others with similar situations.

[008] Anyone have any favorite recipes for slowcookers? I got a small one and I'll be focussing on vegetarian dishes starting from next month (with fish thrown in towards the end)