August 28th, 2009

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Geeky joy!

[001] If you've read or watched any comic book heroes in the past (particularly Spidey, Batman, Superman, Ironman etc) these yotube vids are totally hillarious:
[002] By now I think everyone has seen the "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar" music video of geeky!awesomeness. The first two seasons of the web series are also work checking out - season one is on youtube here and season two is over on MSN here.

Oh and I keep snickering whenever I hear "tank and spank" XD

[003] Quite a few anime blogs have closed shop so I'm looking for some new ones that might share similar anime!interests *crosses fingers* Hopefully I'll find some over the weekend.

[004] Opera's release candidate version of version 10 of the browser is OUT! I can't believe how much the default toolbars look so very similar to what I've been using for the past decade.

Straght out of the box: screencap
My usual toolbars: screencap
Even the panel button is around where I usually have it!

Can't wait for the final release and to officially upgrade :D