September 19th, 2009

* whine bitch complain

Worst weekend in ages...

So initially I thought the day would be good 'cause of the local chocolate festival. I mean, what could go wrong with chocolate?

Well, a cavity revealed itself after breakfast so I can't eat any of the cool samples I got without PAIN.

Then, the haircut I decided to get keeps looking weirder as the day progresses (graduated layered bob with cheek length bangs) - it will probably take about 45 days to reach peak appearance D:

And my new micro plush/fleece blanket keeps building up static so there's a shock if I touch the bed's metal frame.


Laptop!Withdrawl+PMS=totally apropriate icon

(Normally I just distract myself from suckage by marathoning a favorite series...but all the current stuff is on the external harddrive *facepalms*)

Sorry for the pointless post -had to vent despite the inevitable hand!cramp from mobile!typing