September 24th, 2009

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[001] Got my acer laptop back (whined twice before, here and here) but the weird sound when its placed anywhere other than on a table still occurs - the Best Buy PSP policy is worh JACK SQUAT 'cause you need to basically have the laptop go to the service center three times (about 9 weeks in total) for the "no lemon" policy to kick in, even though they're not sure what's the problem. So ultimately, I've yet to find a warranty that doesn't SUCK BALLS.

The toshiba will be back next week since the part from the supplier wasn't in stock *throws hands up in the air* I give up. As long as I get it back working, the repair dude can take his time.

[002] In other news I started a weight training class at the gym and I was the only girl amongst about 6 to 8 guys for the second class. The instructors goes "Guys and lady" a lot, lol. But I'm sticking with it.

My arms dragged on the steering wheel when driving back home so my body is going to be all achey tommorrow. It's expected to be 2-3 weeks of hell before the body adapts ^^ Luckily there are only two classes a week, so I guess, 6 classes and then it should be alright? IDK. As long as it tones the body, its all good.

[003] Also thinking of taking a casual art class in my free time - there's a design evening class locally that is a bit of an intro to art - I'd get to work inking brushes and with oils or acrylics I think and that would be super cool. I always regretted not taking art in high school.

[004] The Kimi ni Todoke trailer makes me all -__- carameltrap pointed it out (♥) and I really don't want to wait for it to finish airing before marathoning. Will probably try keeping up episode by episode...

[005] Speaking of marathoning, now that I've got my computer back, can continue with the anime and tv show speed watch sessions \o\o/o/ The terabyte external hardrive has only 90GB free - I have about 100GB of documentaries to go through while exercising and stuff :3

[006] halcyonjazz is doing a comic series with moonsheen and she pimped it out today on her lj - the character pics are very cool and do check out these totally NSFW pages XD Note to self: must join mineoyster asap!

[007] After seeing this recipe by rilina, I suddenly want some veggie recipes (and considering what a carnivore I am, this mood makes me all o_O)

[008] Have to agree with carameltrap - for a first single, Kris Allen's Live Like We're Dying actually made my headache worse when I heard it a day or two ago. Kinda prefer No Boundaries but neither really has me all \o/ Can't wait for Allison's first single though *so impatient*

[009] Aja-Aja has gone private and this makes me sad 'cause it was the one way I found new korean dramas to watch - it wasn't just about the links, but about the summaries and big posters too, all in one place full of Korean Drama Joy. I hope the situation is resolved soon.

[010] One bit of awesome news: athena-chan @ DA, who doesn't do commissions usually, is drawing me Harry and Draco (♥) Her Harry Potter fanart is here and her other fanart can be seen here!

[011] The reason I love the Naruto manga can be seen in this comic strip which questofdreams pointed out <3 Naruto! Sasuke! It's all about the gay guy love, most definitely XD

[012] Despite Saturday being my birthday, all I want to do is stay at home and watch stuff on my laptop - haven't gotten much time on it at ALL since Monday so *hugs it close* So much to see! Drop Dead Diva! Style! Being Erica! Glee! Cross Game! ALL THE BACKLOG OF ANIME AND SHOWS OMG.

I'll probably get talked into going out though, lol XD