October 13th, 2009

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Narnia commish

Back in the summer, I asked keelerleah @ DA for a pic of Edmund Pevensie (from the Chonicles of Narnia) as a young adult. She posted it this past week so I figured I'd share it finally :D

I wanted the setting to be similar to Cair Paravel and I adore the artist's scenic backgrounds so, asked for a window/balcony kind of view. The clothes are straight out of the movie though! Skandar's outfits always made me drool XD


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Daily posts have become...weekly D:

[001] I've come to realise that while I can't stand freezing temperatures (ice on the ground, hail etc.) I do prefer rainy days to sunny ones. Might be 'cause any day with clouds when I was young was always a reason to celebrate - since no matter how hot and humid it gets in Dubai, the rain always goes somewhere else normally D: So now, if it weren't for having to actually drive, all these cloudy days would be perfect XD

[002] I hate when I'm on the highway (on the slow lane) and suddenly the last two lanes end up merging and there's a car going faster behind me on the lane on my left, and refuses to frickin' slow down, so to prevent crashes, I slow down to a crawl and let it pass me just as the lanes merge.

[003] Here's my Fall TV schedule (though really it's my computer!watch schedule -__-):

Watching: Being Erica, The Big Bang Theory, Drop Dead Diva, The Good Wife, Glee, Fringe, Kimi No Todoke, Darker Than Black 2, Cross Game, Nyan Koi, The Guild (web show)

Tentative/Marathon: Flashforward, Star Gate Universe, Supernatural, Fairy Tail, Merlin, Doll House, Tatakau Shisho, Letter Bee

May/may not marathon: Vampire diaries, True Blood, Sacred Blacksmith, Inuyasha,Legend of the Seeker, Lady Castle

[004] I did running on the elliptical for the first time today! Normally I just do uphill or fast walking, but thanks to the weight training class, I was able to go 12 minutes doing a slow run :D

[005] Haven't been posting very often lately - RL is crazy busy and I usually use the weekend to catch up with shows and anime. Don't even read the library books I get (which defeats the point of borrowing them in the first place but...)

[006] In case y'all were wondering, here's a list of remaining commich!pics to come over the next few months - some of the peeps I asked over the summer (yooani, alexds1, Erina, DS-Hina, Alice chan) might have time next year instead though:
  • Syaoran & Sakura (Card Captors, casual clothes and snacking) by Dark134 - rough sketch is HERE
  • Harry & Draco (at a pub/bar) by Athena-chan
  • Toph & Zuko (grown up, with a scenic landscape) by ShardGlass
  • AU!pirates Toph & Zuko (Zuko has an eye patch!) by Eiko-chan
  • Toph (casual, with color screentone patterns) by iruka-loves-kakashi
  • Kyoko/Ren (romantic, posing for an advertisement/movie poster) by Dark134
  • Rogue (X-Men Evolution-verse, waist up) by mausmouse
  • Zuko+Toph (rough sketch only, fighting poses) by angel-t

[007] While my hair is currently black, after 4 to 8 weeks I'll be coloring it using Palty's Caramel Brown (see image here). I got it off ebay and it's a japanese brand specifically for asian hair. I found translated instructions/directions on Soompi so \o\o/o/

[008] There is a Zuko/Toph forum thread called The Toko Tea Hut ♥ Best part was finding this adorable (and HILLARIOUS) fanart of young Zuko and Toph mwhahahaha XD

[009] In other news, the Zuko/Toph commish I got from Charlie Bowater got a Daily Deviation awarded on the 10th \o/ If anyone here is interested in a full size 300 dpi version for printing, just message me and I'll send you a download link - here's a close up preview of their faces <3

[010] Decided to do a local design class in my free time - would anyone be interested in seeing the results either as I go along or at the end after its all done?