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Dreamwidth: just another LJ clone or something more? synecdochic made a post over here about it and while it sounds exciting, LJ's recent policies have taken a turn for the better and having another alternative to LJ might just mean more fracturing of fandom IMO

Most of us seem to be of the opinion that if fandom moves, so will we. But...we are fandom. If we're okay with sticking with LJ through all of drama and wank, maybe we're here to stay - at least for the indefinite future.

And I admit, my signing up to Dreamwidth will probably just depend on if they have the s2 layout styles I tend to work on. And since that's unlikely I probably won't use it as my primary blog any time soon.

Maybe it depends on the development we see. If they're able to keep making improvements on the LJ codes, I might just head over for the functionality and potential eye candy. In any case I signed up to the help and discussion mailing lists for now to at least see where it's headed.

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Hahaha yes - a lot of sites turn to ads not 'cause they're greedy but 'cause it's the only way to keep the site up and running in the long term. So I'm not sure if some stuff will last. Let's see what happens when it goes live.

I just hope that it has a better scheme than the godawful one used at IJ. My eyes, they burn.
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Yeah, we've all got big dreams of what we'd like to see happen but it rarely comes through in the end :( Apart from all the idealism, one of their main focusses did seem to be on development which made me honestly excited, 'cause the other LJ-clones are just that - clones, which in a lot of case don't quite measure up to the original. But if Dreamwidth were to take the base codes and go the extra mile, I'd really want to switch.

There are some popular ideas on the LJ suggestions comm that were made *years* ago and LJ hasn't really bothered implementing them. If DW were to be the ones to follow through on planned improvements...\o/
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I think the biggest issue with moving is having to transfer fanworks and updates links which is SUCH A PAIN. If fandom does move, I just want to do the whole update once instead of every X months or years *sigh* Kind of a lost cause though
I've been intrigued by that project since the very first time Synecdochic mentioned it. I'd have no problem moving my primary journal to greener pastures. I opened my LJ account when the majority of my fandom back then (Lotrips) was still operating via mailing lists. I wouldn't leave completely, but I am very interested in watching Dreamwidth's development. I just have to remember not to volunteer for stuff. OTW is enough work.

I am very much not an idealist, but I like their ideas and how they seem to approach all this. JF or IJ never had me excited, but I can see potential in Dreamwidth.
Yeah, it's the development and possible new features that have me interested - their view of the f-list for instance had me *actually* reading the post instead of skimming.

Last year I think it was scribblit or something that was being talked about but I didn't see much work go into the code - here they seem just as focussed on the architecture and functionality as well as certain issues that LJ seems to have gone about the wrong way.

I can't help thinking of Obama in that sense - lots of dreams but we can't be sure what'll happen till they start.
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It really looks like their taking another look at the code itself, which I what I really like about the initiative. But yeah, time will tell.

*hugs* THANKS :)
Eeeuh, I am so unimpressed with dreamwidth. I need something aesthetic to keep me interested, and they're so bland on the front.

I've put the strikethrough behind me, pretty much. LJ's got its act together for now, so I'm staying.
Uh, they aren't going live till August so right now it's just an announcement I think >_> On the professional side, the "coming soon" notice is actually pretty good, 'cause it builds up anticipation before peeps see the final product and they could get suggestions on what users might want to see in regards to a site scheme.

V v interested in the mailing list 'cause they might be willing to do something way nicer than LJ on the graphics/design side *_*
Ehhhh, true enough, as far as an announcement goes. Really, though, it's not hard to make it pretty! You understand that, being awesome at graphics and design yourself.

I'm not anticipatin' it. LJ does plenty fine on my end. The announcement just seems kinda' pretentious to me, but who knows? They might have reason to be. People who care will see in August!
If I may butt in (*g*), pretentious how? I thought the repetition of "I'm an idealist" might have been a bit much, but other than that, the main feeling I got from it was a sort of Very Very Earnest thing. Which is all right; earnestness is something this project will need, since there's not likely to be a lot in it for the founders at first.

Also, re: prettiness, I did think their site was a bit plain, but like gossymer said above, this is really just an announcement. I'm both fairly technical and enamored of the pretty (if too lazy to make either for myself most of the time :P), but in this case, I'd much rather see details rather than styling at the very beginning. Styling is not hard if you know how to do it, true, but the details are what keep most other LJ-clone-type sites from achieving their full potential, and I like that the first Dreamwidth post was detail-heavy this time. And if they're going with the "details first, style later" approach, there's probably no point in establishing any sort of theme straight out if it'll only just change down the road.
*flails* I'm afraid I really don't care enough about the poopin' site to explain any of this! Forget I said anything. I'm just stickin' with LJ. That was my point. That's it.
*glomps on synecdochic's post*

I really like the idea/sentiment behind this, and the way they're starting out with concrete goals. Dunno if it'll actually work out, but I'll definitely be watching, especially if it does look like they'll be better than LJ.
It kinda made me lulz since I saw the announcement about five minutes after I'd made my own musing post about adapting a WordPress MU system for the same function. Oh Zeitgeist, I love you so.

The main problem I'd have with it is that LJ codebase is old tech; you're talking something that's at least two iterations out from where every other social networking site is currently at, language-wise. The LJ Server is popular because it contains certain community features that haven't been adopted by the rest of blogdom, but I'm not entirely convinced that tarting up the old codebase is the way to go from an architectural point of view. I mean, mega-kudos if they pull it off... but.


Well, see how they go.