January 23rd, 2010

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Long post is long...

[001] Holy crap, it's been nearly a month since my last post! Things have been crazy to say the least: packing stuff in Austin back in November, two weddings and christmas and basically a giant family reunion back in Dubai in December and then Collapse )

Anyway, happy belated new year guys!

[002] On a completely different note, fandomy stuff I'm looking forward to for 2010:

[003] I cleared out my comm memberships and posting access(from 270 comms, its now down to 165) and also the community flist public filters: Icons | Media | Music -much easier to go through the comms now :D

[004] Thanks to freece's request for m/m recs in her latest post, I have a list of fics to check out - not sure where to start though so if y'all liked any of these listed bellow, would love to know!

Collapse )

[005] Earlier this week though, I was on a Naruto!fanfic high, thanks to this reclist by questofdreams - forgot how much I adore seeing Naruto and Sasuke together *hearts* Still have more fics to go through...but not enough time ;_;

[006] If y'all are used to getting your drama fix from Aja-Aja, it's worth checking am-addiction's forums for shows now that AA is closed.

[007] Random stuff I've enjoyed these past few weeks: The Breaker (manga), Ben 10 Alien Force, Wolf Guy (manga), Komatta Toki... (caught up with the latest scanlation), The Good Wife, One Piece (manga), Skip Beat (Manga), Final Fantasy 12 (just the video sequence of it LOLOL)

[008] Starbuck's Double Chocolaty Chip Frappacino is EVIL and addictive D: Why the heck am I going to the store more often now that I'm OUT of the states? And the thing is super!calor-ific (new word for yummy looking food that is sure to be high on the calorie count >_>) WHY IS THE SMALLEST SIZE A "TALL"??? They just skip small and medium portions entirely *facepalm*

[009] Note to self: check out the cartoon Cybersix that halcyonjazz pimped at some point.

[010] Does anyone know any good apps for backing data on the Android OS? I got the HTC Dream just two/three weeks ago but now Rogers wants me to update the software which means losing all the info I put on the mobile since then D: There's gotta be an easy way to back it all up *lives in hope*