February 8th, 2010

* begging

My feet are blocks of ice ;_;

Since I can't raise the temperature in the house, I was wondering whether anyone had recs for foot warmers (the electronic kind) or foot booties/super thick socks. I'm not sure where to buy them in Vancouver or online for Canada shipping - just want the feeling to stay in my feet during the night D:


Snagged this meme from furiosity (here)

Produce a list of 100 female characters you love, think are awesome, etc.

Well, I decided to limit myself to a max of one female character from any single fandom. Sometimes it didn't quite work, but here are 90 fandoms with about a hundred females I've gone <3 <3 <3 or *_* or *jawdrop* over at some time in my life - including a few from my childhood and teen years hahaha:

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Have included wikipedia links so \o/