February 21st, 2010

multi - art - jem

OMG, weekend's gone ;_;

[001] Came into the Avatar: The Last Air Bender fandom pretty late so missed most of the commentary and reviews while the show was airing. I wish I could find posts/picspams now though (particularly of season 2), 'cause reviews like this one make me all flaily and I just want to read more :)

[002] The Big Picture News: Stories in Photographs are fabulous picspams, and I especially liked the ones on work and the olympics.

[003] Watched Misfits (til episode 6?) and while it was definitely not rated PG-13, there were moments I just couldn't stop laughing :D It's so different and weird and also real in a way. Definitely a bit of a culture!shock at times but also so much more interesting than your regular episode of Heroes (which, while having much better special effects, kinda fails in regards to story lines)

[004] I impulse!bid on darchildre's fingerless gloves during help_haiti and she finished them recently - the gloves look so cool!

[005] Been stumbling across a lot of rave reiews for The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms but am a bit leery of it being somewhat convoluted - anyone here tried it out yet?

[006] Don't usually track when a friend uploads a new userpic, except in a few cases, particularly bzzinglikeneon, dharmavati, likecharity and shabzilla (though there be others XD) Their icons are shiny (to the point of distraction LOL)

[007] Another bit of randomness: a blog post by an author focusing on the history of the sci-fi genre

[008] Did a speed!marathon of Charmed from season 3 to the finale and then started back on Season 1 and 2. God, the difference between the lackluster final seasons and the first episodes is insane - while the special effects might have sucked early on, at least the characters and story lines were interesting.

Can't help wishing there were an AU fic that focused on Prue, Piper and Paige with Phoebe dying at the end of Season 3 instead.

[009] On the Spring 2010 anime line-up:
[010] Note to self - stuff to check out at some point this week: