May 10th, 2010

* tentacles = love

Avatar AUs and lots of random (as always)

[001] Before River in Firefly, the previous small-female-killer who made me all O_O was Yumura Kirika in Noir -talk about efficiency at her job. Seeing action scenes with her are somehow more mesmerizing than flashier girls with guns like Revy from Black Lagoon

[002] There are certain cross fandom character meet-ups I wish I could see: Kazuma (Summer Wars) meeting Zuko (Avatar) - I think Kazuma would challenge him to a fight first thing and since they both specialize in Shaolin Kungfu it'd be interesting to watch \o/. Then there's Discworld's Death meeting up with Grandma Sakae - maybe she'd make his home less grim XD

[003] Recced and pimped out Summer Wars on GB - if y'all have been looking for an entertaining movie, its definitely worth a try :3

[004] thefourthvine has a post directed at certain published writers - and its totally made of win :3

[005] Finished Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough and as much as I liked seeing an extended family with powers, I do wish the villain had been more developed. And the use of "hey, it was time travel!" to answer so many of the questions felt a bit like a cop out to a richer story.

[006] Tentacle!art has never looked so pretty!

[007] Lost the old links but found the Listing of Authors on LJ again: A - L and M - Z

[008] Trying to grow my hair and just realized that tying me hair back is actually migraine inducing since I'm not used to it D:

[009] Am all *_* over queenofthecute's art: here's a post with 12 kingdoms, inuyasha (and kagome) and crazy awesome avatar doodles. Her LJ also has a LOT of Aang/Katara hotness: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

This post in particular is hilarious MWHAHAHAAHA. She's also done Zuko/Mai, with Zuko looked quite...*fans self* (sketch + color)

I spent quite a bit of time staring at the post here though since it plays with the idea of a western fantasy Avatar as well as an AU called Power Corrupts, where Aang kills Ozai and goes evil.

Somehow the shipper in me totally sees sparks occurring between Toph and Zuko in both storylines - initially pretty antagonistic, but hey, if I've got Harry/Draco as an OTP, then enemy-turned-lovers Zuko/Toph is totally workable.

I kinda see Toph as a runaway in the western fantasy, who watches as Zuko doesn't really get what he's after and snarks about it XD It takes a while for Zuko to realize she does it out of love hahaha

[010] Wanted to try using LJ Talk but wasn't sure which program to use: Pandion | Pidgin | Meebo | Trillian - does anyone have preferences/advice on which is better?