May 21st, 2010

* scratch head

New DeviantART shiny

So I guess this is my version of furiosity's TGIF polls?

Newly added favorites on DevART - please click on thumbnails for bigger views and in some cases, it's better to click 'download'.Yes, gotta love version 7 of DA :(

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Old games, TV finales and a cry for HALP

Edit: Two awesome things via the flist: How Far We've come, a fandom tribute video for the Harry Potter movies, found via lunylucy <3. OMG YOU GUYS, I LOVE THE HP FANDOM. Srsly, for better and worse am glad I'm in it :3

Plus, Stupendous Man and Pretty Cool Dude (for an old guy) Join Forces (pointed out by schemingreader) is a Calvin & Hobbes fic with Calvin visiting his gay!Uncle and his partner :D :D Really great.

[001] Google has Pacman - click the insert coin button to play! Admit I've never been a fan of the game, so I wonder whether they'll get tetris or pinball next :D BTW, is there a particular reason for them putting this up today?

[002] The only summer anime I'm excited about is Nurarihyon no Mago, though I am curious about Highschool of the Dead's adaptation. If anyone is interested in trying out NnM, its available here and at medea_complex too!

[003] I am finally free of Smallville! Yup, Allison Mack is leaving, though she'll be there for a few eps in the last season (for fans!), so that Chloe gets a decent wrap-up at least.

[004] A picspam recasting the Avatar: TLAB movie with PoC. Don't necessarily agree with all the casting choices but it was a good change to see famous PoC actors in america cast (showing it CAN be done). Though the rules at the end of the post pissed me off. Just, argh.

[005] Holy fuck, Fringe! I knew it and called it as soon as I saw the tattoo the first time haha XD And the Olivia!fight was tres magnifique :3 Though a certain shippy moment made me go all o_O Seriously that wasn't needed.

[006] Watched the season finale of Community and \o\o/o/ I bet the two of them are going to deny it ever happened later, haha. But whatever happens, I squeed out loud from the twist :D 

[007] HALP! My family is visiting Vancouver next month and I need to make a booking for housing for about 17 days? Unfortunately, it being at around Canada Day means pricing is crazy high.

Anyone know of sites where I could find summer rentals (with a kitchen hopefully?) located downtown or closeby? I'm not sure what the Go-To places for these kinds of things are, at least in Canada D:

H E L P  ;_;