May 26th, 2010

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Look Ma!

[001] blamebrampton pointed out Epilogue photos from the final HP movies and her reaction post says it all really...

[002] Got a lovely place for the family when they visit Vancouver this summer, WOOT! It's not downtown exactly but for the price and space and STUFF, it's brilliant IMO.

[003] zombres pointed out two fanvids (here and here) and the action sequences in them reminded me how phenomenal and unique A:TLAB is, especially as an animated television show.

[004] Speaking of Avatar....THERE IS A NEW SERIES IN THE WORKS: Avatar: The Legend of Korra

[005] My sister and I had the same reaction of OMGYESYESYES at the thought that soon someday, we'll be able to regrow teeth. I know the alternatives otherwise are dentures or implants in a decade or two. But being able to instead grow new teeth  (in nine weeks)? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOUUUUUUU

[006] I loved Bad Romance in the latest episode of Glee, mainly 'cause of the focus on Tina, Kurt and Santana - yes, I'm easy. And Brittany rocked that cat walk scene.

[007] The only thing I've done on my reboot is the background color and the entry width: voila *facepalms* I'd love to get the entry style finished this week at the very least though - with font face embedding too, which should be really fun!

Though I was wondering why colors looked so weird in Firefox. It was only after several hours of tinkering that I remembered the in-browser color management, which I then turned OFF asap. Argh.

[008] The issue of Marion Zimmer Bradley vs Fanfiction - kind of puts things in better perspective all round.

[009] Some shiny:[010] ...NO SMILEY!EMOTICONS FOR ONCE! But watch while I link to the informative wikipedia page, mwhahahaha
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