August 23rd, 2010

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RL, reading and userpics

[001] I've cut out caffeine from my life (at least coffee and cola) and my morning cup of joe has become President's Choice Hot Chocolate. I usually like to add a splash of milk but have found that the milk tends to spoil before I ever finish a carton.

Since I'm one of the weirdos who finds soymilk like drinking tofu, it was hard to find an alternative. Then I saw this post and omg, the Vanilla Almond Breeze (unsweetened) is a perfect compliment to the hot chocolate. The taste is sublime and I don't get those cravings as often for coffee :D

[002] I installed Mobipocket reader and after fiddling with the default viewing settings I've figured out the format that's most comfy for me: Dark grey Microsoft Himalaya font in a rather large size on an off white two page view background. I also set margins to medium and kept single line spacing.

It's like a large print book on a stand - see? The full screen view makes things so pretty and clean *A* The top black bar disappear when I move the mouse off of it too :D I just relax in bed and tap the space bar repeatedly XD

And while I can't roll over in squee when reading on the laptop, it still beats waiting 2 weeks for an interlibrary loan. The reader also automatically converts and opens pdfs and most other file formats for a single unified reading experience and omg, LOVE.

[003] Over the past month I discovered that while I didn't have a credit card in Vancouver, I could buy visa gift cards as an alternative. The Vancity Mytreat Visa gift card was great for online shopping - RBC has gift cards too but Vancity is cheaper :D Got an all-in-one printer and the Art of Avatar which is one gorgeous book - particularly the concept!scene designs.

And then I got approved for a prepaid BMO visa card - $10 at sign up and lasts 3 years so now, as long as I don't have to reserve hotel rooms (where they try to put a hold on funds on the credit card, which won't work with prepaid cards) I'm good to go! I wish it would contribute to building credit history in Canada though D:

[004]Next time I buy any books, I'm going to try getting them off of since its a Canadian book site and not only are books heavily discounted but shipping seems to be pretty decent too :D Oh and they have a sale till tomorrow!

[005] I usually manage to avoid the temptation of most WIPs (even maldoror_gw's second arc of Outlands) but for the life of me, I just can't help clicking on aggybird's fics, and Hard Sell is no exception. DAMN IT, WANT MOAR.

[006] Have updated my userpics and I even got me a Sridevi icon from this awesome bollywood icons post Though if you've had trouble putting names to faces (apart from the obvious Aishwarya Rai) check out this page
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