September 3rd, 2010

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DevART Faves

Feel so good to clear off the pile up \o/ This time round the general fanart and the fantasy scenes and creatures have some really cool pieces too.

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Am trying to figure out if its better to post art recs just before the weekend (so people can browse 'em on Sat/Sun) or at the start of the week (so its a welcome distraction from RL activities) >_>
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Commish: Sasuke & Naruto by Julie Dillon

The charity piece by Julie Dillon is done \o/ Been following her art for nearly the past decade and am kinda spastic at the moment from glee *_*

The concept was a post series scene focusing on Naruto and Sasuke, with them in their 20s and traveling. That way she could 1) age them up and 2) change their costumes and setting to suit her style better.

Ultimately I was looking for a fantasy piece that still showed the bond between the two even years into the future - and am super happy with the result:

Click for close up:

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