September 14th, 2010

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Poll of Icon goodness...

Have 14 icon slots and about double that number of icon options so here's an icon poll!

Mostly it's just picking between icon A or B, but its ALL ticky boxes so people can probably also pick everything (which would defeat the purpose of the poll tho, lol)

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Kdramas, icons and renovations...

[001] Saw a kdrama yesterday and it reminded me why I am such an advocate of reading spoilers - not just the heroine died at the end but pretty much everybody apart from the hero. I was like, seriously? SERIOUSLY? Am so glad I skipped through the second half at breakneak speeds.

[002] Have updated my icons! Thanks for the responses to the icon poll <3 Kinda ended up using most of them since I discovered DW's sort by keyword option which helped me figure out which old icons I don't use, what types I have too many of etc.

Though I still have a dozen food!icons, eight hug/glomp icons and more shipy/slashy/romantic icons than I can actually count *facepalms* Can't part with any of them tho...

[003] Am watching Daemang (thank you soompi forums for all the eps <3) and holy crap, Jang Hyuk looks incredibly young and completely different from his more recent work in Chuno O_O

[004] The Canadian Superstore nearby is almost done with renovations and the organization is so much better! Back in January I remember running around unable to find stuff and while its been frustrating to have that happen all over again, this time round things make a lot more sense \o/

I usually have 90 minutes before my bus pass expires and now I can get from item to item on the shopping list much quicker.

[005] There are always occassions where certain topics/types of posts/spammage can trigger massive DNW, so I'm super happy with DW's tag filtering which let's you filter in/out specific tags for each subscription.

So for instance, you could choose to see only the icon posts from community X instead of their daily ads, manga coloring and layouts. Or you never have to see any of person Z's twitter posts (as long as they use a tag). It makes following journals so much easier, especially since I have a lot of deal breakers in that sense (excessive memes, tweets. large multiple pics/blocks of text outside cuts etc.) This way there's less scrolling and more reading :D
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