November 8th, 2010

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Commish: Zuko by Saharaam

Had asked Saharaam earlier this year for a pic of Zuko firebending. As a fan of wushu , she was pretty enthusiastic about it and came up with several ideas and scenes before completing the piece bellow. Adore the movement and the firebending effects :D

You can also see a close up and alternate scene ideas (night and day) that were discussed under the cut :3

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Dramas, Games and Books

[001] Got all the subs et all for Sungkyunkwan Scandal so I'll be marathoning episodes 11 - 20 tonight :D Its probably the only drama from the past season that had me flailing so *very excited* Also going to see if the first episode of Mary Stayed Out All Night is any good, despite lack of subs...

[002] Also managed to install The Last Remnant and its so shiny! Though the lack of a pointer has me all o_O and I kinda wish I could splurge on a gamepad controller for Windows but they go for up to $60 ;_;

Between this and Aion and Guild Wars, I don't mind the wait till 2011 for Blade & Soul. Only get around to playing them once in 6 months anyway (yeah, yeah, definitely not much of a gamer >_>) Will look up a walkthrough for TLR so I don't sabotage myself midgame accidentally...

[003] I find myself using books instead of LJ to soothe RL woes these days, which means I'm actually (sorta) making a dent in my ebook collection :D :D Though I was surprised by how the first books in some series could be good and then the follow ups could be absolutely terrible - I wish they'd stayed stand alone (like the Sirantha Jax series and Sir Appropos of Nothing *shudders*) - though On the Edge by Ilona Andrews was good as was Song of the Beast by Carol Berg.

I think amongst my favorites this year were the two by Kate Griffin - A Madness of Angels and The Midnight Mayor. I keep thinking of them fondly and wish I didn't have to wait till next year for The Neon Court .

KG is actually a pseudonym for Catherine Webb and I want to try the eight earlier young adult books she wrote - unfortunately, the ebooks are hard to find and the library doesn't have them either. Will probably try Interlibrary Loans at some point instead.

[004] Usually I'm not really keen on long haired Harry and Draco but red_rahl's comic strip Chasing Pirates sold me completely *_* Not to mention the tattoos and the hot smexing *fans self*

[005] Never thought it would happen but I'm actually watching Vampire Diaries - why? Well, two words: Caroline Forbes. I liked her in the first season but I was resigned to the character becoming fodder for vampires, especially after the season finale. With season 2 though - and a kick ass but still quirky hillarious Vamp!Caroline, I'm interested in seeing where the show goes. It's a good thing its deviated so much from the source material :D

Also, have done a 180 on the Salvatore brothers - after certain scenes, I found myself really warming up to Stefan this season while Damon left me cold. There is definitely a lot of fail to go around but between Katherine and Caroline, the show got a hell of a lot more interesting.

[006] Notes to self - try out:[007] It kills me that only 6 out of 18 vols of Hyakki Yakoushou have been scanlated so far, especially since there are 4 month breaks between chapter releases from ETC. I know I should be grateful for *any* scanlations at all...but I can't help wanting more ;_;