November 18th, 2010

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Adventures in hair and makeup

[001] Have been following one or two indian makeup blogs as well as googling youtube tutorial vids on application of products on the face and head since 1)everyone has a different way of doing things so its a good way to learn some tricks and 2)am a noob in so many ways in this area haha

Yesterday I came across this champagne and black eyeshadow look which was sort of like a smokey eye look...except with the latter I always look like I've been punched in the face (maybe 'cause of deeper set eyes? IDK)

Anyway, decided to try it out and it turned out pretty well IMO - here are pics close up and without flash (kinda blurry)

I also bought a curling iron! Have never permed my hair (wasn't even sure what that was till this past year) and since my hair has always been limp as noodles, I stay the hell away from every flat iron I came across (which seems to be with every desi female these days?) But OMG, the curling iron!

Pics over the past month: 1 | 2 | 3

Am hoping to grow my hair (finally) to bust level by next year and my biggest worry had been lack of bounce but no more :D :D Will continue to take photos now and then so I can try out different techniques with the curler and find a default style in the future :3

[002] Tis the season! Yes it takes Christmas trees for it to sink in for me haha. I love the bird!tree + cat!pot idea - makes me stop and stare at all the little details in the tree.

[003] How much do I love that Biblo Eros is working on Komatta scanlations? The last page in the latest chapter had me all \o/ (not to mention the way Kiyomine samples the muffin batter MWHAHAHAHAHAHA And the reactions XD God I love the manga <3)

[004] I don't have $60+ to blow on movie tickets or I'd probably use the following weekends to enjoy Harry Potter, Burlesque, Tangled, Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Tron and Tempest.

Still, considering how hot Ben Barnes has gotten (SRSLY), I might go for Narnia in any case ^^ Yes, I'm that shallow. Between him and Skandar and Georgie...umm, way more eyecandy (and better acting maybe?) than HP haha

Considering I've watching all the previous HP movies in the cinema though, it feels almost sacrilege not to continue till the end D:

[005] Am considering doing that "10 holiday wishes" meme, though it might just be directed at the Powers That Be (aka the Fandom Gods) since most of it is wishing X got turned into an anime or mini series or drama and that manga Y would either get adopted by a scanlation group or get licensed so I could, you know, actually read it instead of just staring at the art all *A* faced.

[006] KURAGEHIME! WORTH CHECKING OUT! I think the best reasoning why/pimp post is here. It's been ages since I actually wondered so often whether a new episode for an anime was out yet. Oh and for all the eps: HERE
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