February 3rd, 2011

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Art pimping + pixiv faves!

Enjoyed three new online comics recently, two of them being fandom based: There are also shiny new novel covers by Jason Chan <3

Have finally figured out how to add favorite art pieces on pixiv to the bookmarks section - y'all can check them out here or access them via my pixv profile - you do have to log-in to browse and view big detailed pics though.

Picspam of some favorites - just click the pics to go to the pages on pixv:

Collapse )

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One awesome thing about bookmarks is that once you add a pic, pixiv provides thumbnails of other popular pics from the same fandom \o/ Slowly but surely I might be able to go through all my favorite characters, shows and animanga :D :D

Though it figures that I'd only find out today that by using the Chrome browser, pages can be automatically translated to english *headdesks*

Anyway, I'll pimp out links to my favorite new DA art from the past 4 months later as well :D