February 10th, 2011

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Fantasy + m/m novels

I enjoyed the first three novels in the Inda series by Sherwood Smith but by the fourth book all I really wanted to know about was Evred and Tau and their relationship.The final page where the two go off travelling the world and the bits at the end of What happened After Treason's Shore made me super happy to see that they even settle down - kinda want fic about them :3

Yes ultimately I think my brain just wanted to read more Evred/Tau - I wish someone would write fic based on the night with the massage and the smexing *_* I mean, seriously, angry!sex at its finest :D Though I do have one post-series fanfic to read at least \o/

I adored how there was both het and gay romances and each had its moments and they weren't treated any different by the society at large <3

Thanks to the above I ended up googling a bit and found discussions on novels with gay protagonists and decided to request a few from the library (since most weren't available in ebook format):

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Thanks to PJ's search I began thinking about prollific m/m authors (i.e. 10+ books published) other than Josh Lanyon...

Has anyone gone crazy over any fantasy books by these authors?

A.M. Riley | Ally Blue | | Amber Kell | Angelia Sparrow | Ariel Tachna | Chris Owen | Evangeline Anderson | G.A. Hauser | John Simpson | Kate Steele | K.C. Kendricks | KA Mitchell | Julia Talbot | Mary Calmes | Mike Shade | Sean Michael | T.A. Chase | Z.A. Maxfield | Vivien Dean

Though if you can rec a title you love that's both fantasy and m/m I'm ALL ears - either urban fantasy or regular fantasy works!

What I've tried: Hero - Perry Moore | The God Eaters | Outlands | The Captive Prince | Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series | Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald Mage | Josh Lanyon's novels | Administrator series | Wicked Gentlemen | Tanya Huff | Melusine | Sherwood Smith's Inda series | Swordpoint - Ellen Kushner | aggybird | Megan Derr's novels aka maderr

I'm really just looking for published fiction at the moment since I want stuff that's novel length ^^
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