February 11th, 2011

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Catching up...

[001] Finally got around to reorganizing and updating userpics and I just wanna mention the keyword sorting option for DW which makes it so much easier to see what's in the wrong order or just never gets used. Mainly added new comic!icons and Community icons <3

[002] Don't think I ever mentioned it but I'm actually really, really psyched about the upcoming Spider-man reboot, especially since I caught up with Ultimate Spider-man recently and rewatched Spectacular Spider-man for the umpteenth time and realised Tobey Maguire kinda sucked as Spidey - no quips, no witty banter, ARGH. Also, I'm very happy we're getting Gwen before MJ and maybe we might even get Felicia (who is definitely my favorite cat burgler :D)

[003] Anyone read the latest chapter of Skip Beat? Seeing Kyoko's reaction to Ren and those final pages had me ecstatic since its been such a long time coming \o\o/o/

[004] I got the Season 1 DVD set for Community after finding out it included commentary on every single frickin' episode *_* - so much fun!!! And Season 2 is even better (Dungeons & Dragons anyone? Annie punching Jeff in the premiere? So many awesome moments!) Am definitely in the 'honeymoon' stage in regards to my love for this show :D

If anyone has wanted to give the show a try, I recommend episode 24 and episode 9 from the first season, though episode 14 from the second season has a special place in my heart now :3

[005] Thanks for all the recs in my previous post! I've also come to realise that I have tried out quite a bit but just can't remember the titles off the top of my head. Still, have added some titles to my To Read List now :D
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