February 18th, 2011

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TV & Cartoons

Firstly, can I say that while I wish Spectacular Spider-man had been continued, I'm totally stoked that Bendis' Ultimate Spider-man storyline will be airing as a cartoon by Fall \o/ (+ wiki entry)

Also, after the premiere I've found myself rather underwhelmed by Young Justice and I've begun to hope that within a decade we'll get Young Avengers on TV, complete with our favorite canon gay comic book couple (Hulkling/Wiccan) which would totally rock *_* In regards to YJ, I'd rather treat the premiere as a movie and read slash fic focussing on the four boys >_>

Okay, moving on, ended up typing a list up of Western TV programming I've enjoyed:

Current Loves on TVCollapse )

Multiple Marathons over the past 4 yearsCollapse )

Favorite ComediesCollapse )

Miniseries Enjoyed...Collapse )

Lost interest after first (few) season(s)Collapse )

Childhood/Highschool LovesCollapse )

Wish I got around to watching/finishing | possible To Do list...Collapse )

Its not really a meme but would love to see whatthe watching patterns/habits of the flist would be on something like this XD It's just something I've wonered about.

I did not include anime, asian dramas or movies since the list would probably double or tripple in size >_> Also did not include every single show I've watched - whether I just tried out one or two episodes (e.g. Lost) or watched all the way through but never *loved* like mad (e.g. Battlestar Galactica). There are so damn many that I lost count years ago.
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