April 29th, 2011

* :D - toph smiling

Commish: Toph by Lilsuika

Lilsuika aka aka nannaia finished my second and final commish, centering on a more casual day-to-day Toph. I first contacted the artist 'cause of her past avatar fanart that not only captured characters wonderfully but also showed a brilliant attention to detail in regards to far east asian period!architecture and fashion.

Having her work on this and seeing it come to life is pretty much a dream come true. I fall into the piece and just go, "Toph <3" I couldn't thank the artist enough.

The concept behind it was Toph in her twenties and travelling about - in this case, she's in the Earth Kingdom and just left a branch of Iroh's tea shop (notice the red lanterns at the doorway with the pai sho symbols emblazened on them XD).

The trees (inspired by sakura and bonsai trees) are in bloom and we have a small koi pond just to the side. I adore the brush-inking and the almost watercolor effect of the piece, which really sets the mood IMO.

Nan was particularly attentive to Toph's costume, offering multiple (equally gorgeous) options - and then there were the color choices and the patterns and hair (linked bellow) and I was in fangirl heaven to be quite honest :D When I saw the leg gauntlets/wraps, I was way past my \o\o/o/ mode XD

Toph's bo-stick was an older idea; a gift from Iroh (with dragons!) she uses it to pretend she's really blind, in communication (bopping Aang on the head or knees never lost its charm to Toph haha) or as a makeshift weapon (Toph's metal-bending)

If there were a place to rate and rec artists commissioned, I'd be paying Nan homage there but since I can't let me just say, she's absolutely amazing! SO MUCH LOVE <3

Click for full view:

Nan's official post on DA can be found here along with a walkthrough/details post over here :3