July 2nd, 2012

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Spidey! Makeup! Skincare!

[001] Going to see Amazing Spider-man at 8PM tonight, WOOT - I chose the UltraAVX option primarily for the ability to reserve my seat in advance. I miss being able to select my seat - having to show up early to get a good row is just...made of fail. Also, had a $5 balance on an old giftcard so it costed the same as a regular ticket anyway :3

[002] Over the year I've focussed on improving my skincare regimen and makeup. Recent purchases I'm super happy with:
  • Conair: Spin Brush - Getting gorgeous volume and styling like the ones following a haircut at a salon but at home and with a single tool - so much love <3
  • Nature's Gate: Oh what a Night -its a nightcream that's moisturing but has an almost velvet matte finish - over the past 2 weeks my skin is firmer, clearer and smoother so I'm kinda crazy about this.
  • Arbonne Makeup Primer - picked this up off ebay and used it only once so I have to see its effect in the long run, but oh my god! Makeup just glided on and my face felt so smooth to touch. I tend to worry about clogged pores and breakouts so I'll be extra careful when washing it off at the end of the day.
  • ELF: 11 Piece Brush Collection - okay, I admit I haven't used this yet, but picked it up for$3 instead of $30! And I could pick up a few other items like the ELF concealor pen which I have used and is pretty awesome.
  • Back in Winter/Spring, I subscribed to luxebox and glymm which got me some really nice samples for a while - it also led to me picking up Vasanti Brighten Up Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator off well.ca for 50% off since I finished the whole premium sample and it worked well in conjunction with the Olay Pro-X system
My only anxiety now is what I'm going to do when my Prescriptives foundation and powder get over - where else will someone blend colors to match my skin tone exactly? Damn you, Estée Lauder. Though, I should probably thank you for your lipstick line since I bought three or four off of ebay. My sister's fab Chanel lipstick also convinced me to pick up my own in the shade Mademoiselle :3

The only purchases left in regards to makeup are Collapse )

[003] I'm using the summer to focus on fitness, mainly for zumba, yoga, and some weekly things (total fitness, hi-lo and westcoast fitness) depending on how the first classes go. Thank god for group buy sites (bought 2 gym passes for 20 classes for $20) and community centers all over the place.

[004] Marathoned Game of Thrones a few weeks ago (it's my sister's fault!) and I adore Arya Stark (and ship her with Gendry to be quite honest) - TBH there are a few parallels I can draw between this OTP and my Zuko/Toph love. Also, Jon Snow :D But, really: ARYA \o/

[005] Don't know if anyone follows Fringe (or remembers Faramir's father in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) but I got John Noble's autograph in Whole Foods! A colleague pointed him out during lunch and asked if he seemed familiar and a light bulb went off. He was super nice to sign the one sheet of paper I had on me ^^ I was bouncing  a foot up in the air after XD I think my colleagues were laughing at me by then >_>

[006] Failed to pimp it out when I read it but hereticalvision's The Secretary’s Sensational Seduction combines my high-school love of harlequin!romances and my next-gen OTP (James/Scorp) :D

[007] I keep playing Madeon's Pop Culture - I blame this Community promo , which kinda made me want to marathon the show for the umpteenth time.
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So. Much. Love. *raises hand* Totally satisfied fangirl here. Petey, its you <3

I gotta admit, as epic and huge as Avengers was (it had me cheering and then going "NOOOO!" immediately after), The Amazing Spider-man had me near tears a few times - it has heart.

Andrew sold it as Peter and Emma had me loving Gwen - I don't OTP anyone with Spider-man really (more of a One True Character gal in this fandom, so I'm willing to ship Peter with anyone) but Emma was wonderful and not only was the chemistry between the two mesmerizing but god, brilliant acting.

And above all, beyond the superhero side to it, the focus was on the people and the relationships and that was just...perfect. It's exactly what I love about the comics.

Now, a bit of a dilemma- do I marathon the Spectacular Spider-man, re-read the Ultimate Spider-man or read Straczynski's fantastic run of the Amazing Spider-man prior to Brand New Day? Aaah, my life, its so hard.

When is the sequel?
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