July 31st, 2012

multi - YEH - looking up

Rec and RL

[001] Finished Country Mouse by Amy Lane & Aleksandr Voinov and it was scary how much my mind kept comparing it to a good Harry/Draco fic - the interaction/chemistry, the personalities...kinda shocking really. Def rec it as a good read :3

[002]I got Emilie de Ravin's autograph! She's dyed her hair brown so I wasn't quite sure if it was her initially but \o/ Yaay, Vancouver!

[003] I want chikoos D: Or in other words, Sapodilla fruit. Not sure if anyone on the flist has even tried these. I'm hoping I can find them in BC, maybe T&T or Fruiticana? I should be in fruit heaven already between white peaches and ataulfo mangos and cherries and cantaulaupe but...I want my chikoos!

[004] I've followed the kpop group T-ARA off and on for the past year (initially for Eunjung during Dream High but then also for Hyomin and Jiyeon) and the current PR disaster has been srsly painful to watch. I posted about it on tumblr but I've come to realize that I need to take a time out and check back in a week or two or I'll just feel increasingly angsty.

TBH. even if Hwayoung rejoins the group, I don't know if the members can recover from the scandal and public fallout :(

[005] Y'know, I think I'm really weird in that I don't miss sunny summer days. After a lifetime of hot muggy scorching heat in Dubai and sun in Austin, I find I like the cloudy/rainy days in Vancouver. My favorite season is definitely fall, which starts in September so it feels like a birthday gift from the city.

Maybe its 'cause I'd be cheering when it would drizzle in Dubai but in Austin I had to deal with T-storms and hail (broke windows in my apt and my car) so regular mild, cloudy, rainy days are fabulous. Dubai was a city in a sauna while Vancouver is an air-conditioner!city XD

[006] Planning on moving pretty soon! I've already booked the car rental for labor day weekend, now I just need to find a place. My parents are moving to Vancouver mid next year so I'm hoping to do a sublet or a roommate situation for now so I can save up funds for when they arrive. Why is BC so expensive, whyyyy.

[007] Still haven't seen Batman, probably will next week. It might be a good thing my expectations are kinda low 'cause maybe it'll be that much more impressive? IDK, despite all the hype and hoopla I've never been too crazy about Bale's batman and while I loved Michelle Pfeiffer's catwoman, not so crazy about Anne Hathaway yet or Bane as the main villain.