December 17th, 2012

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Teen Wolf Fic Recs - Derek Hale/Genim (Stiles) Stilinski aka Sterek

So umm, I initially had dismissed Teen Wolf as cheesy light fare based on the pilot episode.

Then there was all this outpouring of love for a character with the horrifying name of 'Stiles' who I could actually vaguely recall as being somewhat fun and interesting. I then marathoned the show and rewatched it this month and realized, OMG, I LOVE STILES. So. This led to a binge of Stiles!fics which were really just him with Derek since that's where all the awesomesauce seems to be located in the fandom.

I've now rewatched TW again and developed a new appreciation for Derek. Also, FIC ♥

I kinda want to see certain crossover fics now where maybe Stiles gets addicted to Adderall and talks to Annie Edison from Community XD Also, AUs ARE TOTAL LOVE. Especially the kind featuring supernatural towns, characters as porn stars or masseurs or y'know, just Star Trek.

Couldn't hekp comparing the addiction to Stiles with my love for certain other character: Caroline from TVD (friends being her #1 priority), Chloe from Smallville (sidekicks FTW) and Toph from A:TLAB (the smart mouth XD) - not to mention looking like complete jailbait reminiscent of a young Jensen Ackles (particularly as Alec in Dark Angel). I can totally see elements of Xander from Buffy (the funny!guy) which ISN'T a usual love of mine but OMG, its gold in fanfic. I don't think I normally ever laugh this much in regards to dialogue.


Anyway, recs!

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