January 21st, 2013

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33 TW Recs: Derek/Stiles Part III

As much as I loathe a hiatus, when its periodic like with Harry Potter and Teen Wolf, it gives fandom a chance to give into the cravings and craziness and fill in the void with fanfic.

This totally leads to crack, Not!fic, fandom fusions (and seriously, Teen Wolf in the Harry Potter world is so good, its kinda ridiculous) and fic that really helps me develop a new appreciation for the characters in canon. SO MUCH LOVE.

Can I just say there needs to be more Not!fic, like NOW? So so good *whimpers*

I've developed new kinks thanks to all the ficcage - including a pretty tame one for the word 'wrecked' *keyboard smash*. There are others that have me covering my face with embarassment 'cause OMG D: I did not think fandom could rewire me quite this way, ack. I should have known better, really.

Anyway, I've caught up with TW fanfic (well Derek/Stiles at least) and here are 30 fics between 2k and 10k words and 3 AWESOME fics that are over 15k:

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