February 14th, 2013

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96 Recs - Derek/Stiles (Teen Wolf)- Part IV

So I've plumbed the depths of AO3 and read the ficlets and PWPs and WIPs of note and come forth with the remaining Derek/Stiles recs :D There are even a couple of art recs \o/ I've tried to mark faves with ♥ but TBH I read so many damn ficlets that it's all a rollercoaster of teen hormones and pack dynamics. And really, 66 of these recs are less than 10k in length so they're superfast reads, especially when marathoning them as ebooks on your phone. Never thought I'd actually appreciate hour long transits to work!

Note: I make no excuses for any recs marked PWP since my kinks have kinda...grown and mutated (coughcoughknottingcoughcough, finger fucking, porn!stars, autofellatio, oral fixations, they're cats/dogs/wolves/foxes, etc.) *hides under rock* OMG this is the first fandom where I've actually not been too averse to the mpreg warning t (at least until I've consumed most of the other fic available) - I don't think I've actually recced any yet though...

I'm glad I signed up for an account on AO3 since the subscriptions feature makes it so much easier to track fics and authors.

Now that I've gone through most of the ficcage, am probably going to return to published fantasy novels for a bit - though I admit my goodread 2013 Reading Challenge is entirely Sterek at the moment *facepalm*

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