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Movies - HP, Narnia & TGC

I marathoned the HP and Narnia movies yesterday. Ultimately I ended up skimming HP 'cause I remembered something about 10 minutes after I started the first.

The HP movies are actually pretty bad. Or at least the cast (particularly Emma Watson) can't act. Alan Rickman in the last two movies was a caricature of Snape and I really, REALLY hope that's not the case in HBP. Rupert Grint is probably the best out of the Trio, and the saddest bit is, I don't even like Ron. The movies made me warm up to Ginny and now I can actually get incredibly annoyed with Hermione.

Comparitively, the Narnia films kick so much ass, because the four kids were better at acting from the first movie itself. And in the Prince Caspian movie, Ben Barnes was the weakest link. The four kids had bonded over their experiences in the first movie and it showed in their acting onscreen. It also heped that Edmund happened to be extremely shiny. Skandar's acting has improved insanely - or at least his role in the second film fit like a glove. Georgie Henley (Lucy) might have grown super fast, but that just makes me more excited about Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Oh yeah, and in the first Narnia movie? PETER WAS SO YOUNG. He looked like pure jailbait. Edmund's voice was squeaky - Skandar's voice hadn't broken yet. And umm, I remember watching movie #2's ending, seeing Susan in that white dress and going I CAN HAS BOOBS? Oye they've grown a lot - uh, the kids that is.

Now, if we were to look at The Golden Compass, the movie had a fab cast that could ACT but the script was just lackluster. The HP movies in that sense were more entertaining perhaps. Still, I could easily watch TGC multiple times while trying to watch HP would probably be suicidal. I couldn't even play it in the background. Emma Watson manages to go into hysterics every other scene *facepalm* It kinda makes me wish the casting people for Narnia had had a hand in the HP movies *sigh*

Oh and come to think of it, there's an Artemis Fowl movie coming out in the distant future, right? God, that makes me nervous.
You know, I was watching The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe the other day and Lucy was so small! All cherubic cheeks and adorableness. They all grew up. I'm going to miss Peter and Susan in the next movie. Thank goodness for Lucy and Edmund. Now, who will be playing Eustace?

GOF is my favourite HP movie, probably due to the Hiitachin Weasley Twins in it. They stole everyone's part! *__* I like Ron, too, even though he's not my favourite. Rupert is amazing. He just grew into the role and played Ron so well that I grew to adore him.
Rupert Grint is probably the best out of the Trio, and the saddest bit is, I don't even like Ron. I totally agree! Ron as a character is my least favorite, but I like Rupert in the movies. I'm actually not much of a fan of the Trio to begin with.

I actually watched the first hp movie before I read the books, and I liked it, but then after reading the books, I find the movies just aren't enjoyable b/c they feel wrong or they're missing things or whatever. The last one had me very upset b/c of the whole Sirius thing. I don't even wanna think about what's gonna happen in HBP.

The Narnia movies, on the other hand, I absolutely love. They feel real to me, and you're right that the actors seem so much better.

TGC -- I watched it last weekend and while I can respect the quality of the acting, I really had no idea what the point of the movie was.
Definitely agree with your assessment of all the movies (...though perhaps not of Rupert Grint's acting skills...), though I think the girl who played Lyra in Golden Compass deserves a mention--she was perfect.

Also, they're making the City of Ember books into movies too, if you've ever read them. Rather juvenile books, but the male main character is very slashy, especially in the we'll see how those turn out.
I just watched The Golden Compass! It was a lot better than I expected it to be after reading all those lukewarm reviews - and the girl who plays Lyra is fantastic. But as you said, the script is not really exciting (and that anti-climatic ending).
I don't actually remember much of the first Narnia Movie (haven't seen Prince Caspian yet although I'm dying to) but I know I liked it. The HP movies will always have a special place in my heart though (lol), as much as I'm not happy with them lately. I've watched all first four HP movies a lot of times (the first two more because I was young and easily entertained and bored than anything else), the third is my favourite, and I find GoF very entertaining, if only for Rpattz being pretty as Cedric. But OotP! What a bore. It's the only HP movie I've watched only once. I think Dan is getting better as an actor, but as he was pretty terrible to begin with... I don't know, there's something stiff about his acting. Emma plays with her eyebrows. So I agree with you that Rupert is the best of the Trio (I started liking Ron in the book because of Rupert, actually - now he's my favourite character).

I'm glad I'm not the only person who was underwhelmed by the HP movies. It was my main fandom for a while, and I wanted to love them. I really disliked their casting of David Thewlis as Remus Lupin. Great actor, but not right for the role, imo.

And yeah, Grint is probably the best of the trio.
Coincidentally, movie Ron is what made me love Ron. Ruper Grint was spot on. Skandar made me swoon from day 1. And the 2nd Narnia movie had me building a shrine for him. He was amazing. Edmund just grew leaps and bounds, and it showed, just like it was suppose to. He makes me wibbly.
Let's not remember the utter disaster that was Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising in movie form.

I'm wondering, did anyone else get lots of Peter/Caspian vibes? All that tension and testosterone, come on.

Drive-by commenting, but ... I'm not even sure "utter disaster" covers just how bad The Dark is Rising in movie form was. It was one of the few movies I actually scream at whilst watching.
I actually don't remember what happened, much. I think I've blocked it from sheer distress. It was so awful.
Huh? What do you mean "in the last two movies"? When has he ever not been a caricature? I thought that was the purpose of hiring Rickman for the role. (Or because out of all the people who tried out for the role, he was the one who looked most like an aged transvestite performer in gran's clothes. Or out of them, really doesn't make any difference.) What I don't like about the HP movies is that the interesting parts (like the Quidditch worldcup) always seem like fast forward, and the boring parts (oooh Choooo!) are out of proportions. But I like the sets.

Rupert Grint is probably the best out of the Trio, and the saddest bit is, I don't even like Ron.

*snickers* Totally there with you. :D

Now I have to watch Narnia?
I have to agree with you with The Golden Compass. The kid who played Lyra was the perfect little snarky bitch that Lyra should be. The rest of the cast was great and the CGI was superb... but the script... oi. They cut it off before the first book ended, which was silly because they could have just spent fifteen more minutes on it and had a VERY good lead in to the second movie.

I felt the film was more geared to people who had already read the book, and never bothered to explain anything.

Well, Lord of the Rings sucked in the first version they did in cartoon. Maybe in twenty years they will finally get this series right as well.
I love the HP movies. I love the books more - (and Emma could act better) but I still love them. OOTP was the weakest. I will go on a murder spree if they massacre HBP.
I positively LOATHED TGC. I was so bored out of my skull I wanted to strangle something. I was begging my mother to walk out with me. Sadly, she insisted on seeing it through to the end. :p
Loved Narnia. Haven't had a chance to see Prince Caspian yet. :(
Rupert Grint is probably the best out of the Trio, and the saddest bit is, I don't even like Ron.

Ditto. I wouldn't like Ron at all if it weren't for Rupert.

Maggie Smith is wonderful. I miss Richard Harris a lot.

The worst part about the movies is the recent Directors, imo. I still enjoy the first two movies, and the third is okay, but the fourth made me pull out my hair, and the fifth was blahcity. I have allowed by hopes to rise for the sixth movie.... I'll have to stomp all over them just to be safe.
I can honesty say i liked the first movie the best and its only because it was the only one i felt kept truest to the books.

I have loathed Hermione since book one but the movie sort of helped me turn that into a simmering hate, but then Emma Watson had to go and mess it up!

As for Ron, after that whole dimwit!fest in Book 4, my disinterest with him turned to distaste pretty quick. As for Rupert, he doesnt really register on my scale.

I personally think they should have waited until the book was done before doing the movies because its just a huge mess. I can honestly say i go see the movies just to have something to complain about.

I mean, did u see the GOF?! It was a travesty! Would it have been too hard to throw a bloody quidditch match in there? That was the ONLY reason i went to see the bloody thing and it wasnt even in there. Instead i had to sit through DanRad's horrid romancing of Cho tossing Chang! While i admit the the twins saved me from driving to Dan's house to slap him and ask for my 10 dollars back, it really wasnt worth it.

Alan Rickman makes me giggle as Severus for the love of Anubis! Im really not looking forward to HBP.

Ive been keeping an eye out for information on it, and its going to bad. i can tell.

As for the Narnina movies, i totally agree! They are masterfully done compared to HP. While i do adore Ben Barnes(its the hair!) Skander's acting was the one i really liked. Im not really sure why, but it really struck me he did a really good job(this isnt coming out right ^^;;)

As for Artemis Fowl, are they really?! i cant wait! i need to know more!

Sorry for the rant

Artemis Fowl a movie?! It can get in line with Inkheart as a a book-to-movie that I'll definitely want to see, and probably cry about afterwards. Lord of the Rings appears to be the only truly exceptional book-to-movie success story, what a shame. It's fortunate that I can't stand Twilight, so that wont be able to upset me C: