February 22nd, 2014

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Heeey guys, its been ages. Have been sucked away by RL and Tumblr. And in regards to the latter, thanks to xkit's wonderful extensions that make queuing up reblogs a thousand times easier, I now have a semi-active tumblr, so there's less lurking and some actual posting :D Please add or drop an ask if you've started using it too :D

On the RL front, my parents moved to Vancouver last summer and my dad relocated to Edmonton for his new job in Jan. My mom is joining him next month and I'm moving to a new place (still in BC!)then too. My sister got engaged within 10 weeks of meeting her fiance and the wedding is at the end of April.

Initially I had been stressing about losing some weight for the wedding but finally decided to invest in a corset - gave it a trial run for the annual company party and it was a definite success.

Lately it feels like I didn't actually do much this past year but then I think about the adjustment period stuff with my parents migrating to Canada and oh lord, yeah, no, it was busy.

On the TV front, been following very few titles: Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Sherlock and Community.

Got my parents hooked onto The Good Wife and spent a lot of time last year marathoning episodes with them (bought the whole series off ebay after I realized I'd marathoned the show half a dozen times already). Have yet to watch the latest season though since it's so very crazy and I want to wait for the season to end before binge watching it.

I got a free Galaxy Tab last year and it helped feed into my manga reading (the app Manga Rock is to blame). Manga+ and MangaCloud work better on my smartphone though.

Favorite manga of the year is Haikyuu, a volleyball title with lovely art - there's an anime coming out soon too! I also love the korean webtoon manwha The Gamer :) Oh and Tetsugaku Letra which isn't updated nearly as fast as I would like. Have caught up with Natsume Yuujinchou and am trying to get into Until Death Do Us Part but keep getting distracted.

For shounan ai/yaoi, there is Koi Nante Shinai, Mayonaka No Oyatsu, Koibitogokoro (the full series), Katekyo!, Love Stage and Kureko Kareshi no series. Free! is the swimming anime that was super fun too :D

My reading habits have switched to Sterek mainly, which I use Ao3 to keep up with. Blacktofade wrote me Knot the Average Alpha which I read half a dozen times and is LOVE. My favorite fics of last year can be found listed here on good reads.

Have achieved my goal hair length which is boob level \o/ However the next pics I take will probably be for the wedding lol.

Am trying to get into Welcome to Night Vale but I keep getting distracted while listening to it - have reached episode nine or ten I think?

What's happening with y'all? Any new fandoms or RL stuff or HP stuff of note? As additive as the commentary on tumblr is, it doesn't have the communication of lj - which just feeds into my lurker tendencies, argh.