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Browser updates: Firefox & Opera

Most peeps are pretty excited about the new Firefox release next week, one which should set records. I'm excited to try out v3.0 since it's supposed to be much, much faster and also with a smaller memory footprint, thank god.

However, at the same time I'm hoping the few extensions I use don't break - particularly webdeveloper and firebug. I use Firefox for the extensions, period. If they don't work, I'm unlikely to make the switch even if the new browser is better in every other way.

On the other hand I immediately upgraded to the new Opera 9.5 browser today. No, Opera doesn't have extensions. However, it's fast, secure and it has proven to be the most stable browser I've ever used. It's also incredibly feature rich. Multiple extensions would be needed on Firefox to mimic that functionality and...FF's speed tends to slow with too many extensions :(

What's New with Opera 9.5 (on top of existing features)
  • Opera Link: syncs your bookmarks and Speed Dial between your desktop and mobile browser
  • Quick Find: enter a word into the search bar and Opera instantly scans all the pages you have visited looking for matching text
  • New browser engine: the Opera team has made it more than 2x faster than Opera 9.2; faster startup, too
Since I got my new mobile last month, I've been desperate to get Opera Link. Now my browser stays the same no matter which device/computer I use ^_^ And the Quick Find is one of those tools you never realised you needed like hell.

So I upgraded, switched to the theta skin (completely enamored by the refresd button *headdesk*) and automatically had my mail upgraded and my browser synched. No probs whatsoever :) And its so fast and stable ;__;


I've also done a separate install of the beta Opera 9.5 with Dragonfly - let's see how it is with working on css and stuff. It might mean I can just edit CSS directly with Opera instead of having to switch to Firefox (for web developer).

If the opera browser were to become more developer friendly (via extensions), I'd embrace it with open arms. However, even out of the box, for its range of features I STILL HEART OPERA.

Oh and I've also had my gmail account hooked up to my Opera mail client for the past year or two. Have never had to worry about gmail going on the fritz \o/

My browsers: Opera, Flock(Firefox) & Maxthon(IE alternative).

All three are definitely worth trying out especially if you've always used IE or FF. And I admit, IE 7 may be okay but I think I've been scarred for life by IE6. I'll do pretty much anything NOT to rely on IE now.

ETA: Yes, am a total geek.
I just installed Opera 9.5 on my laptop (cuz my primary disk drive in the desktop failed today, causing utter chaos and MUCH spazzing...trying to recover what I can on it now) and it seems alright so far. Upgraded FF on the laptop too, tho hubby spazzed that I was still using it. Tough shit, it was the only browser on here until I installed Opera so he'll just have to deal. (it's what I'm using now, cuz I lost all my bookmarks and passwords when the disk failed, cuz it destroyed Opera and Trillian with it, and it has the nifty LJ password thingie which I absolutely HAVE to have...)

I didn't know it was upgrading again tho. @.@ Thanks for the heads-up.

you know, i've never bothered with opera, but on your recommendation i've been screwing around with it tonight. does it have any sort of ad blocker or java-script blocker? other than the strange menu under quick preferences that lets you block things across the board? thanks ^_^
Here the adblock:

At the start of the page it says where to save it (depending on your computer) and it was just updated this month :)

Also, when I used to go to sites like megaupload, I would right click and choose block content and selectively block the banners etc. But now I have a premium MU account and direct file linkage so no more ads \o/

If you want more customizations )like those you get via Greasemonkey) check out How to set up userscripts folder +

And you can completely hide the main menu and replace it with a "menu" button (or just toggle it on/off) over here

You can also make opera look like other browsers ^_^

i'm worried ab my extensions and the new ff too. i use quite a few.

so wait, you use flock instead of the real ff? or are you saying flock is part of ff? i'm lost, lol. i had flock back when it was in beta bc of its easy uploader to photobucket, but i deleted it awhile ago.
For now I'm using Flock instead of FF (though Flock is ultimately just a shinier version of FF). I'll download FF3 when it releases but I might still use Flock for coding needs (extensions) instead.
I downloaded Opera 9.5 some days ago because I wanted to test the new engine and I really fell in love with it. Since it now has Dragonfly I'm alright with the features it provides (although I do miss some features... but it's just so much faster than FF2)

I just have one problem with Livejournal. I can't get the Rich Text (and with it the plain HTML in which I normally write) to work. Even if I mask Opera as IE through the built in feature or an UserAgent Script. It just won't work (the eBay one works though)
Did you get that to work in Opera or are you using the Plain-Text one?

I found you through google, don't mind me ;)
I friended you for your great fandom resources, so I usually just lurk, but this was really useful so I thought I'd speak up. I downloaded Opera two seconds ago and I already love it! I'm one of those computer illiterate people- I didn't even know you could download different browsers :)

And I love that speed dial thingy. So thanks again for rescuing me from IE!
Hm. Have you noticed that since the new version, Opera doesn't display the custom mini icons for communities? I'm guessing that's because it works now like IE that only displays the background image? Or did I do something wrong with my customisations, I wonder?