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Comics to film...

For a comic book fangirl who never saw the awesomeness of giant green men? The Incredible Hulk was pretty darn good - probably the best take on the character ever. The climax made me facepalm a bit and was just a little too WWF, but everything else kinda worked. Totally cheered during the "Hulk, MAD!!" moment, lol.

Though what is up with Marvel movies having pretty awesome actors playing the male lead roles (Robert Downey Junior, Edward Norton, Hugh Jackman etc. ) and then getting less than stellar actresses to stand alongside them (Gwenyth Paltrow, Liv Tyler, Kirsten Dunst etc.) Well, X-Men was sort of the exception 'cause I fangirled Anna Paquin like mad (there was actual chemistry between Rogue and Wolvie in Movie #1 O_O)

There were several trailers before the Hulk movie, including The Mummy 3 and Hell Boy 2 and despite being sequels that I wasn't all that psyched about, they had really amazing special effects. Hell Boy has a bit of a Pan's Labyrinth feel to it in terms of costume and character design.

The irony of today's evening is that as soon as I got back home, I discovered that the Incredible Hulk was now available online *headdesk* - though it's a CAM version where the video is pretty sucky...

Oh yeah, and I think I was the only one in the cinema who figured out the surprise appearance at the end before they showed the person's face. Am disappointed that the other special cameo got scrapped - that person will be on the official DVD release instead*sigh*.

Ultimately, Marvel seems to doing Iron Man, Hulk and Thor (possibly in 2010 along with Iron Man #2), Captain America...all leading up to The Avengers in 2011. If you've watched Hulk, then check out this article on what might be coming up next.

And this isn't even looking at all the OTHER comic book!movies like Punisher, Witchblade (in 2009), Batman, Wolverine, Magneto, The Spirit, G.I. Joe...

The 1940s may be remembered for the Westerns, but this decade seems to be all about the super heroes and fantasy/sci-fi stuff. Nowadays you need some pretty amazing special effects to wow an audience - especially if the script isn't all that good. Luckily for Incredible Hulk, there were very few moments I wasn't glued to the screen. The script, Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, the action - it works very, very well :)


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