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Watched it. My reactions? Hmm...

I booked the tickets, dragged some friends along and saw the fourth HP movie. Its tradition - winning the tickets for the first movie on a radio show, I will see every single HP movie on its opening weekend(I recall it was a holiday, Dec 2 being the National Day in the U.A.E, and every other sane person was sleeping at 5 am),


I didn't quite care for this one. Don't get me wrong - the kids' acting keeps improving, and visually the HP movies have always been a treat for the eyes, and this one is the same. Still, my love of the Goblet of Fire (second only to the Half Blood Prince) couldn't fully transfer to the movie.

GoF was an adventure book, more so than any other HP book. OotP was the adolescent puberty book, HBP was the coming of age/book of slytherins. GoF however, gave more meat for the fodders than any other book- there was so much happening, so many details added, the wizarding world *became* the wizarding world there. In the movie, its perhaps most obvious in the Quiditch world cup scenes.

GoF was also about showing us the exact elements that make up the Trio and showing the human qualities of Harry. Hermione was a staunch friend- but couldn't compare to Ron. Ron did have a complex that he needed to get over. There were people such as Cedric who were actually more highly regarded in school than Harry. Harry *cheated* in the tournament.

Movie spoilers under the cutCollapse )

The movie is wholly different from the books. I think I can now deal with that.

I think I am going to download Ferret images now. I have a new set of icons to make- and they are going to *rock*.

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