Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Free stuff via the magic of google search

Once in a while I go looking for recs of books from Torquere Press - just in case there might be something I like. Thanks to maderr's old reviews, I found a couple of note, including An Agreement Among Gentlemen and The Devil's Fire.

I did a google search before buying them, and actually came across the books for public download via 4shared.com - now, if I love the books, I'll go ahead and buy the paperback versions - but I like to try stuff out before making a purchase. So...\o/

I took note of the uploader for the books and then put in the following search in google: tranquil.anonymity site:4shared.com

What I got was a list of several other ebooks:

The Devil's Fire - here
An Agreement Among Gentlement - here
Personal Best - Going for Gold - here
Still Waters - here
Golden Boy - here
Forty Two Days - here
Barely Undercover - here
Black Wolf - here
Jarheads: 3 Day Passes - here
Mastered - here

Have no idea of any of these are actually good. But if you're in the mood to try out random works of orig slash, then maybe you might find something you like.

And I didn't check all the links in the search results, so there might be even more books hidden on 4shared.com...

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