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Software & Stargate

[001] Was one of the millions of peeps to download FireFox 3.0 yesterday:

YAY: FF is as fast as Opera now.
NAY: As I suspected, not all extensions work. In fact, FF won't even LET us install some unless we do some quick hacks.
YAY: I can always just use my Flock version of FF to use firebug, adblock etc.
WTF: My Opera browser now blocks more ads than FF o_O

The only real loser in this situation is IE. Though an FF browser without extensions seems to equate to a souped up version of Safari in my mind...

Download Firefox 3.0 and Opera 9.5

[002] I can't stop staring at my interests bubble thingy ⇒

[003] To read: John Sheppard/Daniel Jackson fics. I've wanted more of those two after reading At The Hour When We Are Trembling by frostfire_17 - so options 1, 2, 3 and 4 - for a fandom that's so insanely huge, this pairing is one of the rarest of the rare :(

[004] In the process of uploading the entire Stargate series - Atlantis AND SG-1. That's about 300 episodes plus the Ark of Truth movie. Nearly done with Atlantis at the moment :)

[005] What torrent programs do y'all use? I've been using Azureus/Vuze but it's gotten incredibly bloated and I wanna switch

[006] Uh, layout maker meme over here *whistles*
I usually use BitLord for downloading, although sometimes I need to use Azureus when BitLord won't open a torrent. It's pretty rare, though.
ff3 is pretty awesome, and i'm happy with the extensions available atm...seeing as i only use adblock and a gmail notifier :D i've been using the beta for a while anyway haha.

as for torrent programs, i agree azureus just got too bloated for me. the older version was better...but yeah. now i use utorrent, and it does the same job and chews up hardly any memory :D
My add-ons are slowly catching up to the new Firefox -> although I had to change themes which sucked, but about 1/3 of the extensions had updates. Ish.
which i'm really hoping changes sometime soon.

My current Firefox doesn't even have some of the plug-ins. So, I probably won't be downloading the new version until later. After I get this dumb computer up to speed.

BitTorrent. Sometimes it's a bit lagging but it depends on my connection speed. Otherwise, it's really great. Some people have rec uTorrent, saying it's faster.
utorrent here.

ugh, i re-dl'd FF2 as fast as i could after dl'ing FF3 and loathing it. i can't live without my extensions, esp tab mix plus and livejournal hook. and i didn't feel like going through the trouble of hacking/tinkering. oh well. FF2.0.0.14 is just fine by me. i may try it out again in a few months.

you are kind of tempting me ab dl'ing opera though.

oooh that interests thingy is nice. going to do it!
Did you have to install all themes and widgets all over again when you installed 9.5?
Heyya. I use uTorrent, and Opera. They're the best. Before uTorrent, I previously used Azureus, but it's just hogging too much memory compared to uTorrent.

SG1 and SGA....... *love* :D

haven't watched any episodes of SGA latest season though. Will dl later :D
Er, AdBlock is working just fine for me in FF3. The os doesn't make a difference, does it? :/
Adblock Plus Works with: Firefox: 1.5 – 3.0.

There are quite a few extensions for Safari, but they only work on the Mac os. SafariBlock, for example, works the same as AdBlock.
At first I used Flashget because I was getting better speeds, but it started messing up my internet, so I stop using it.
Now I'm using uTorrent because it's efficient and works great!

Your interests bubble thingy looks lovely.
I like your wordle thing :)

I used bitorrent a while back but it's just sooo slow. I have Azureus and Utorrent installed, but I prefer Utorrent more.