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Ok, evidence that I'm totally out of it? I submitted two prompts for hd_inspired with 15 minutes to spare. Nearly missed it O_O

Era (be as explicit or vague as you like): Radical AU, takes place in a future time period
Additions (three items to include): hovercrafts, virtual reality, charity calendar
Scenario: Set in an AU world, the year being some time in the far future. We have magic and some advanced technology. Harry is pretty famous as one of Hogwart's best quidditch players. Draco instead does hovercrafts. They are persuaded among other high school athletes to pose for a charity calendar. They may or may not have known each other previously, but sparks fly during the photoshoot. Would like to see what happens later after the calendar is published (in the form of articles or gossip columns or something)
Squicks: Would not like anything too cliche or cracky, PWPs, MPREG, established relationship, cross-dressing or character death
Maximum rating: NC-17 - would prefer NO smut to too much pr0n. Am fine with UST :)

Era (be as explicit or vague as you like): AU contemporary fic
Additions (three items to include): guns, car jacking, organized crime (like mafia/yazuka for instance)
Scenario: Either Harry or Draco is driving a car when the other stops them at gun point, gets in the car and...basically gets them involved in things that just aren't normal. Things come to a head at Hogwarts (for instance: hidden loot, a secret cult...you get the idea)
Squicks (things you really don’t like): Would not like anything too cliche or cracky, PWPs, MPREG, established relationship, cross-dressing or major character death
Maximum rating: R - the focus shouldn't really be on smut, but rather on the plot, pace and action.

So, uh, yeah. They're very different which makes me quite sure peeps are going to run away from them. Still, *shrugs* it's what I've always wondered about, especially the first. Radical AUs are quite rare. BUT, we still have Hogwarts in both, so IMO it still fits the theme :)
*points to icon* That was me when I saw y'all had closed the post at 6 o'clock. I was going to wait till I read the comments before submitting but I knew no one would have anything as crazy XD THANK GOD I DID NOT WAIT
Ok, I'll seem like an idiot here...but what is that comm about exactly? People give prompts to other people and those people have to write it? Is it competition, exchange or just resources...? I checked userinfo, but not much info in it...and can't be arsed to go read few entries to figure it out. I don't have glasses yet and my morning coffee!

LOL you're fandom's personal designer. Almost every comm has your layout...
Actually I can imagine Draco being the one...You know, dirty hair dangling over his face, he's wearing black, grey eyes piercing into Harry and saying "Shut up and just drive or you're gonna sleep with squids" hahaha
Oh, it could go either way, which is why I didn't specify :) Harry has a bit of darkness in him too - so it could go the way of Departed/Infernal affairs where he's an undercover agent but still doesn't have a problem with doing what needs to be done to convince the Boss XD
LOL yes, I could totally see Harry as in Departed. Cute face with dark mind XD Who would think he could be bad guy...

And well, Draco, could pretend to be bad guy, when he's actually good guy...aaaah the possibilities, I love fandom. ♥

Thank youuu!! I clicked on "mod post" tag but there was nothing there...

Hehe, I see it's older one. ;)
Okay, the second one? I seriously hope someone will write that because I now want to read it badly.
LOL, I KNOW. I've seen yakuza or variations in so MANY other fandoms, but not in HP and I'm just like vjshfishfea - WAIIII?

I can see Harry as the conflicted Sydney while Draco is the charming Mr Sark. Too bad I quit watching Alias after the lack of Mr Sark.
Hahaha, it's hugely unique which is why I can always remember it. It's also one of the reasons I yearn for AU so badly. There is potential.
They definitely fit the theme. I'll admit to finding the second one intriguing. ;)
Lol, the first is something from the sci-fi lover in me (the part that can watch nearly 300 episodes of Stargate in total bliss) but the second is something that really should be done at least once with H/D - hackthis's fic trade has similar themes, but it was more Alias than Departed/Infernal Affairs. Though I don't really need something extremely gritty. Just guns. Lots of guns XD

ETA: My mind's gone on a tangent and now I keep thinking of an OCD!Draco who obsesses over his gun collection >_> *headdesk*

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Ooooh! *is tempted by the first one* Do you see the magic as something that most of the population have, or still a set Muggle world vs. wizarding world?

It's going to be SO HARD to pick which prompt I'm going to go for - there's some really great ones!
IMO magic has been integrated into society but those who have it are still in the minority. But it's really up to the author XD Its sort of futuristic-urban fantasy.

With six pages of comments, I'm kinda all O_O
Heh! I think most of it is comments though, rather than actual prompts. Although I reckon there's at least a couple of hundred prompts. At least half from bonfoi - she's a one-woman prompting machine!
*g* a bit at your AU ideas and wonders just what we might see if someone pics them

But if you need something to wet your whistle... I'll cut and paste my rec of a fairly recent take on H/D getting together on a charity calendar photo shoot.

*iz ded*
I just finished reading pushdragon's 9000 PWP of Harry/Draco w/side of Charlie (just as eyecandy) A Tale of Horns and I'm sort of upset that I now have to go pick up the kids at school.

First off, it's fantastic writing (as is all her work). Second, and perhaps more importantly, it is brain melting out of your ears HOT. It is sexual tension drawn and quartered. It is slash viagra. Read it tonight as foreplay, or if you're alone keep your vibrator and/or favorite dildo with in arms reach. And make sure you have extra batteries handy. GUH!
Actually, those sound pretty darn cool. Anyone who passes them up would be a fool. I love love love love love AU's. Like love. I would read both of those in a heartbeat. ;)
I really like the second one. I was thinking of trying to get it, then realized my style isn't the style you're looking for and I'd spoil your fun.
I hope someone does get it, though ^_^
And I had two prompts that i didn't get to post because of the early close-up. :)
haha- i saw both of your prompts and went "huh? what?" and didn't think to look at who wrote them XD

but yeah, i don't think i'd ever be able to write something like them, perhaps i don't have enough of an imagination, but damn would i like to read them! the prompt i submitted was set during the summer after the final battle . . . because i haven't read enough hogwarts renovation fics yet ^^