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Favorite Icon Makers Showcase

Am stuck using random wireless networks, if and when they appear in the area. Am limited to checking email most of the time. BUT, this means I have more time to spend on cleaning, doing icons and catching up on stuff I was supposed to do for a while :) Speaking of which:



Icons @ iconnaissances

Awesome use of text - some of the funniest avatar icons on LJ, IMO and the icons also happen to be pretty fabulous in terms of color, crop etc.

E X A M P L E S 

Icons @ limbslikewire

Fantastic disney icons over here. Absolutely HUGE batches of icons, and a lot of variety when it comes to fandoms.

E X A M P L E S 

Icons @ mowd_icons

Lovely coloring on icons and there are usually quite a few choices in each post (when it comes to fandoms, icon styles etc.)

E X A M P L E S 

Icons by phuck @ last5

Usually needs no introduction as his icons are Quality stuff. Think I first saw the icons in 2006 and the clarity and depth of colors still leaves me *_* today.

E X A M P L E S 



Icons @ sundry_icons

Probably the BEST coloring of anime/cartoon icons on livejournal. The colors look natural and incredibly vibrant and it seems so effortless - which it definitely ISN'T. Fantastic work with every post.

E X A M P L E S 


Icons @ weapon_icons

One of my earliest discoveries - everything from anime to tv shows to movies to stock to celebrities. myrasis has her favorites fandoms but that doesn't stop her from trying new things and being genuinely creative.

E X A M P L E S 


Icons @ whoresque

Another great spot for anime and cartoon icons that happens to include some AMAZING text icons too.

E X A M P L E S 

Icons @ estheticons

My current favorite clique!anime-icon community. There are three icons makers and each has a unique style. Love the vibrant colors.

E X A M P L E S 

Icons @ bubblemilk

Probably my most recent discovery when it comes to clique!coms. The icons in general are clear and the colors are neither dull nor super vibrant - especially kamina's. They are just...very easy on the eyes :) The cropping also works for me :)


Icons @ kyoukatabira

One of the earliest clique!anime-icon communities I stumbled across. I don't always find fandoms of interest here, but when I do, I tend to squee. Colors tend to be far more muted too.

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Tags: icons, recs

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