Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Double Feature Weekend *_*

Saw Wanted and Wall-E.

Wall-E - FABULOUS. Though coming out of the cinema, it was hard to point to specific moments because I'm so used to talking about dialogue and funny one liners. I've gotten used to seeing it in animated features like Mulan, Finding Nemo, Toy Story - and even Kung Fu Panda. In that sense I did feel like I had been expecting something, but didn't get it.

However, if there was more dialogue, it wouldn't be the same movie. Wall-E is different and rather than us wishing it were more mainstream, we should probably be trying to accept it as the unique wonder it is ^_^ Perhaps this might lead to a comeback of silent movies - except updated for the 21st century? SIMPLY WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE.

Ultimately, it's a simple (and if we're honest, a pretty cliched) story set in an unusual setting. But it's the uniqueness of the storytelling (the lack of words for the most part, the expressions and interactions) that get you to feel it all on a more fundamental level. There's are few clever one liners to guffaw over, but...that could also be why it's so easy to relate to. For a movie about a robot, it is incredibly human.

Wanted - WTF? I mean, WTFWTFWTF. The weirdness and the sheer stupidity left me reeling. James McAvoy was miscast and unlike Iron Man, Incredible Hulk etc. we have a lead who is odd and a female character stealing the spotlight instead. Wanted felt like a wannabe - trying to be like The Matrix and other cult classics but falling flat. There were several things which were GIANT WTFs - ok, no spoilers but just. UGH.



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