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Layout for Charity

Layout on the auction block for livelongnmarry

Offer: Layout - I offer to design a layout based on specifications provided. If the layout is for LJ, it'll use either Expressive, Bloggish, Flexible Squares, Smooth Sailing or Component, depending on your needs - with preference for the first two. If it is on another service such as Insane Journal or JournalFen, I will design it on the Bloggish style.

The layout can be image heavy or minimalist. An image heavy design will include custom graphics like my own personal layout or the layout Celebration.

Depending on your needs the layout can be designed for free, paid or plus accounts. If it is for a paid account, then I might use layers to get an effect that might not be achievable simply with CSS and has more potenial wow factor - like my 2007 LJ Reboot that used an image map, amongst other things.

Contact: Either PM me on LJ or email me at gossymer at gmail.com. Be aware that I will email you several times in regards to layout structure, colorscheme, images etc. with previews as I go along so I can be certain you are satisfied with the final layout.

Delivery: I will have your layout done by Oct 31st but there is the possibility of delivering it much sooner ^_^

Minimum bid: $20

You can bid or comment here


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