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Fanfic ebook sharing...

Obviously, I blame megyal for this XD

The Hypothetical H/D Fanfic Ebook Community
  • It would be a place where each author would get a single post in which to list out their ebooks (in PDF, HTML, LIT etc. formats).
  • Authors could include a counter, require people to comment for passwords for access to the files - it would be up to them and completely in their control.
  • Authors would also be reminded that they can include contact info and the current address of the fic in the file so peeps can send them feedback immediately after reading the ebook
  • To prevent spamming of flists, when authors add new ebooks, they could comment to the comm's official update post. Once a week/month the mods could list all the new ebooks that were added to the community.
  • There could be a Wishlist for fanfics people want authors to put up as ebooks - after enough badgering it may encourage authors to post up their fics this way :)
  • There could be a PDF Volunteer Post, where authors who are willing to share a fic as an ebook come forward and people can volunteer to convert/format it for them. This way, lack of tech knowledge doesn't get in the way.
  • Certain editing software such as Nitro PDF Pro could be made available to members to allow for quick editing/conversion of PDFs.
  • Authors would be listed in the memories section or via tags
Oh yeah, and if anyone is waiting for an LJ msg response, I'm banned from the service for another 20 hours I think (I used up all my msg points today ;_;)
Super-awesome! I would totally be willing to be a PDF volunteer...the ability to print PDFs without any extra software is one of the many many things I love about my Mac.
That would be great :)

eta: I used to save fics from archives and I could technically make a little program that would help the authors (or PDF-makers) who have their stuff archived online, but don't have the files on their comp (I'm usually like that).

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That sounds so organised and awesome. This hypothetical comm, I'd be hypothetically all over it. =]
Like fanfic ebook archive?

That sounds neat...:D Where will it be hosted? Will you make file hosting account for all ebooks, or authors will have to upload it?