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OMFG - Stargate Continuum

Stargate Continuum has leaked!!!

Since I'm buying the DVD in any case...*whistles*

Now if only this would happen for the Dark Knight >_>

Oh yeah, and still can't respond to LJ PMs till evening ;_;
Do I have to know the end of SG1 and be up to date with SGA to understand this?
It's sort of an AU verse, where something goes wrong, history is changed and the stargate program never got started on earth...well, there's more info than that, but I don't think you need to know how it ends or anything. Vala is present though and Bal I think, so some familiarity with seasons 9 and 10 would be helpful ^_^
When the HP fandom takes a break, I might consider watching SGA and SG1. Though how I will accept Sam in Atlantis is a mystery
I've actually finished uploading SGA and seasons 1 to 6 of SG-1 and the ark of truth movie. Currently uploading season 7 to 10 and continuum of SG-1 and once that's done (by Thursday hopefully) I'll make a post with all the links ^_^