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Finally a photo!

[001] A clear and focussed shot of Draco for HBP - about time >_<

[002] After most auctions of interest inflated really fast for livelongnmarry, I'm now focussing all my attention on femmequixotic and snegurochka_lee and bidding at the 11th hour on the 14th/15th...

[003] To date I have uploaded about 127GB of files to MegaUpload. And considering I spend 90% of my time downloading instead of uploading, MU has probably seen terabytes of data usage from me O_O Thank god for cheap premium accounts.

[004] Remember my prompt submissions for hd_inspired? BOTH GOT CLAIMED! WOOT!

[005] After I heard they were reshooting scenes just months before Hancock was to be released, I figured the movie had some damage control to do. And sure enough, reviews so far don't seem very promising. Anyone seen the movie for themselves yet?
At the risk of sounding superficial...pls to be bringing back PoA!Draco's hair! Thanks for the pic.

I'm writing for hp_inspired. *g* I really need to get started so I'm not writing at the last moment. I really want to have time to polish this fic.

Good luck on your livelongnmarry bids! I can't really afford to bid on anything--but the bid on my fic offer is up to $40. :)
Oooh, I dig Draco's hair. XD

CONGRATS! Both are pretty unique since they're AU and all. Three of my four got claimed as well - I can't wait till all the fics get posted!
Ngah, what happened to his hair. It looks... strange.

Awesomesauce! And congrats! I look forward to seeing those come alive. Not literally although it would be fun. XD

Hancock is one of the summer movies I plan to watch. I dunno about the reviews. Didn't they give crap reviews to Prince Caspian and yet I still love it so.
That's the best they've had Draco looking in a film since POA. I'll bet the fangirls will be squeeing themselves silly by the time the movie is released.
I saw Hancock today. I was... underwhelmed. I didn't dislike it and, in fact, I found many parts of it quite funny. It just had some connection issues, I think mostly in that: a) while some parts ONLY Will Smith could pull off, in other parts, the character/plot seemed too mundane for Will Smith. He generally delivers more high calibur action films. b) it's not really a summer blockbuster. It's an April movie, at best.

So, really, it's a Will Smith vehicle that's not a really good Will Smith vehicle. It was also clearly written by someone clever but lacking in certain areas, because it has some hardcore WTF EXPOSITION dump in the last thirty minutes that doesn't make explicit logical sense. Like... intellectually I was intrigued by the whole concept, but the execution was lacklustre.

Not a waste of ticket money, however. Worth seeing. Just NOT Will Smith's best, and will be easily overtaken by better summer movies.
What's wrong with brits to cut everyone's hair!!!?? Last time it was Dan and now him!! Are they insane?!
I saw Hancock for Canada day - it was pleasantly good. knowing now though that they reshot scenes a few months ago makes it seem rather clunky - I can tell (I think) what scenes they reshot, and where they might have left scenes out.

All things said though, I enjoyed it thorougly.
My God, you are just, ♥ ! I can't believe how high you are going for that sequel, and just, just, a;slkdjg.

♥ !!!
i think hancock was absolutely amazing, but i'm also a will smith fangirl, i don't pay attn to reviews, and i didn't have any expectations going in.

i thought it was a refreshing and new take on a superhero movie, and zomg the twists. i wasn't prepared and that's just the way i like it. i never paid much attention to charlize before this but i'm a fan now. the whole cast was great. and the effects. and the music.