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Bookswim - Netflix for Books

Why would anyone want to pay $14 a month for book rentals when you can go to the library?

Well, for one thing, the library doesn't have the books that just got released - those can take anywhere from a few months to half a year or more to get into circulation :(

I went over to and chose the 11 books options at a time option - yeah, that's $36. HOWEVER, by typing in the code "11for11" I get my first month for $11 only. It's a great thing for the summer and heavy reading of newly released novels.

I think I'm going to wait until the new Temeraire book "Victory of Eagles" can be rented. And OMG, they have yaoi manga too *_* Have yet to find those at the local library when casually browsing.

I can get to read all those new hardbacks that would cost $25+ at the local bookstores. If I read them fast, I can mail them back and get more - just like a library. And I don't have to worry about the late fees *_*

Yeah, okay, I don't see myself using this for more than a month or two because I don't read THAT much year round and I don't spend $15+ on books everymonth - just some months. Especially the summer. So for this season, it's definitely an investment.
Alas, I'm in Canada and can't make use of Bookswim. It looks fantastic though *sighs*
I wish I am in the US so I can make use of that. *le sigh* Good find though. You always find little gems online. :)
An interesting option for those who read fast and can't wait when it comes to new books, I suppose.

For me, I'm willing to wait for the library. Either a book is good enough to collect and treasure forever, else I'd just read it at a bookstore or wait. =)

In any case, happy reading!