Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Terminus design options

Guys, I'm trying to think of a few design options for Terminus.

[001] POSTER: Would anyone (particularly authors) be willing to write out a mindmap for Draco? It would be like this or this - but I would format it in adobe photoshop/illustrator/indesign so it could look cooler (like this for instance, except done digitally instead of with markers) I might also be able to include an artist's illustrations of the characters (like Makani's widgets or potter puff images BUT I would need to check first). I'd only be able to do one though, since doing the poster would take a bit of time.

If anyone is interested in doing a mindmap, email me at gossymer [at] gmail.com!

[002] BADGES: Remember the badge Their Love is so Canon? Well, I'd like to do two or three other badges but I'm not sure what peeps would like to use/have/show off - any ideas? Particularly of the H/D variety :)

[003] BUSINESS CARDS: Anyone going to Terminus and doing a fest/challenge or just started a new comm? I could design some business card options y'all could print out as Zazzle or Cafepress or at the local print shop - I'd do this for a max of 4 comms/events and only if y'all intend to print them out yourselves (since I plan to print most of the other stuff myself)

[004] BOOKMARKS: Any artist wants to do some bookmarks? Y'all provide the art, I make the bookmarks :) Though I might go around asking artists for permission for raffle items in this case...

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