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So I was looking at the winners of Cover Contest 2007 (here) - and I really shouldn't have clicked the link to Two Image Cover winners.

Oh. My. God.


It was like going back to highschool and seeing all those het romance novels in the local private library.The guy always seems to have his chest exposed - or happens to be wearing regency clothing? And it's always a) On a bed or b) Embrace from behind/front or c) Walking towards each other with 'fuck me' eyes *laughs hysterically*

My sides. They hurt XD

Oh and side note, when I see a cover with a topless male, I get excited thinking it's a m/m novel - unfortunately, naked males = het romance? Or Sherrilyn Kenyon and other authors who know what really makes a girl look >_> Still, IMO naked people seem like a cop out for a book cover, 99% of the time

If you could get an artist to make a m/m book cover, what would it look like? I was thinking of maderr's fic, Main Gauche when I thought of this and what came to mind was the tournament where Tan and Dagger are duelling *_* No need for fuck me eyes or naked chests - seeing the fight in color would have me pulling out my wallet in the next few minutes XD

What about y'all?
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My favorite covers were always the ones with no people whatsoever.

Oh, yes 9 out of 10 times, the books I carry around don't actually have people on the cover - they're far more...abstract? I'll read the other ones but it'll usually be at home.

I just printed out gorgeous paintings, one of which includes a guy in a toga and another with a guy tattoed in gold ink - I can't wait to put them up but that's 'cause home = privacy and not work or anywhere else where narrowminded asshats tend to pass judgement.

And yeah, while the book might have a risque cover, it may not be about the sex but unless the other person has read the book, they'll never know...*sigh* it's just easier when the book isn't R rated.
Well, they're in Regency clothing because they're Regency historicals. :P

Like it or not, classy or not, shirtless males on romance covers have higher sales numbers. It's all about what will sell.

For a good time: Smart Bitches, Trashy Books has a tag called, "Make the Burning Stop" here. I've not found better comments on the clinch covers than there.

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Regency clothing, shirtless males, embraces etc. are fine and all but it's very...formulaic? It's hard to find a romance that doesn't have the same ol' cliched cover. It's like, even amongst the 'best' covers, they look pretty much like all the covers published earlier.

It's all been done before and I don't remember the last time I stopped at a cover and went "OMG, that is so cool" instead of just gawking at a naked male chest.
Yeah, the publishing world is a bit mad, and they tend to rely on what they know works since it's all so volatile anyway. People like the dependable, and they pay for it.

But thankfully the trend has been moving away from clinch covers...except from Avon, where the Chest of Man Love still comes strong. And since I write romance, I can only hope that when I'm published I won't have to roll my eyes at my covers.
Although this is not as related to your question, your comment about highschool and het romance novels reminded me of a time in junior high when this girl brought in one of those novels and would read scenes from it out loud during lunch time. I can remember cracking up and thinking, "please tell me no one actually says this when they're about to have sex".

And in regards to your question, I'm not sure what I'd want the book cover to look like, but like maderr mentioned, my favorite covers are the ones without any people. Or if there are people on the cover, I'd prefer an illustration as opposed to a photograph. Seeing a photograph before really getting into a book and learning more about the characters tends to limit my imagination, if that makes sense.

I've seen covers with super realism and it doesn't really work for books - definitely agree that a bit of abstract works better than photos. The Temeraire books with the dragon icons were lovely and left the character design to our imagination :)

However, I'm not opposed to seeing specific scenes that give you an idea of the feel of the book - the atmosphere, the mood - so it depends in some cases XD

Having romance books (the bodice rippers) as audio books would land me in a clinic - would definitely pull something from laughing so hard lol
Oh yeah, I'm not opposed to seeing specific scenes in some cases. That can be really helpful, especially for fantasy/scifi novels.

For the duel in Main Gauche, I would pick raitala, Her h/d hols entry last year featured a duelling scene. Excellent work.