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Actual rage and loathing...

Things should never reach hype-status. Hype changes things and what might have started out as something you dislike, for instance, Twilight, becomes a source of loathing and anger - so much so that every time you come across blog posts, articles, TV spots or just people gushing about it, you want to yell STFU.

When things become so hyped, peeps get turned off by it. Or they expect it to be amazing (eg. the korean drama Coffee Prince), only to discover it to be just better than average. And you realise that if they hadn't heard the hype they might have enjoyed it a lot more.

In some cases, fandom does make everything better. I'm sure I'd have lost interest in HP after so much public mania, (like my sister who has yet to read books 6 and 7) if not for the sporking, crack and awesome fanworks that showed that even juvenile epilogues can be a source of entertainment and in some cases, oddly interesting fic :)

Hype means that everyone and anyone is talking about the thing and we have comparisons where "The Twilight series is the next Harry Potter series" and then all the Twilight fanmoms girls jump out yelling, "Guyz, it's SO MUCH BETTER than Harry Potter, like DUH" and all you want to do is facepalm cause that is JUST NOT ON.

Fandom means the fangirling/fanboying occurs in less public groups where one can go crazy over the subject matter, make badges and cookies and scarves all about your OTP - while not trying to convince random people that yes Zuko and Katara are MEANT for each other and who is this Aang person anyway? Nevermind that all those people care about is someone called Toph...wait, oh yeah, that short girl. Pfft, she came in during Season 2 and is obviously not a main character. Zuko/Katara FTW


Long story short, these two posts and more specifically this thread made me wonder if there was a place on LJ where peeps can share their dismay over Twilight mania. A place of refuge from the sparkles of vampire glitter that leave you cringing. Please tell me there is a community, please.
Look, I'd love to help you, but I'm afraid I have a contact allergy to sparkly vampires, anti-feminist heroines and dodgy writing. But good luck!
I don't know if there is one already, but there really should be. I'm rather sick of hearing about it myself. 8|
I reached my limit weeks ago and this level of impotent rage is simply not healthy. Definitely need some kind of an outlet.
So basically, you want a support gruop for when you heart the word "Twilight" and break out in hives? I don't mind when people talk about it until somebody farts says they love it. Then I start despairing about the whole human race and come over all cynicalish and genocidal.
YES, EXACTLY. I try not to give in to the urge to bitch and moan at them because, squee and love about books is supposed to be a good thing but this just KILLS ME. I don't like the person I become when peeps start going on about Edward and Bella and Jacob and Bella becoming a vampire and I DON'T CARE DAMN IT, STFU. If Ed were a decent vamp, he'd have killed Bella in book 1. Now that would have kicked so much ass.
I was able to handle hearing about Twilight all the time, except for that EW cover because what the hell? Comparing it to Harry Potter? That just boggles me. But I think what really did it for me was finding out that the books are on my younger cousin's summer reading list next to titles like Lord of the Flies. I'm really hoping that her teacher only put them on there because they're YA and because of the hype.
I found a fab quote on one of the anti-Twilight comms:

"J K Rowling showed that some Young Adult books can be over 500 pages. Stephenie Meyer showed that some shouldn't be"


"Edward can't read Bella's mind because she's a speshul little snowflake"

Seeing the book get good reviews and awards (however dubious) and get on lists makes me whimper.
Totally agree with you on the hype thing. Every time a female starts rambling about how she wants to make sweet love to Edward in front of me, my hate for the series increases a little. It started out as a nuisance that I was willing to ignore for the sake of peace, but now I can't have a normal conversation with any of my friends without Edward's name coming up ten or twenty times, and I'm not cool with that. When Twilight's cultdom shoves their stupid obsession in our faces, they're just asking for full-force retaliation.

ETA: Er... the second sentence came out sounding wrong. I meant rambling in front of me. Not making love to Edward in front of me.

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Lol, with the amount of Ed!love, it could be either way.

The saddest thing is that Edward usually means Edward Elric which means Fullmetal Alchemist which is LOVE. Now my mind is making associations where Edward means Edward the vamp and NOOOOOOOO.

If I had friends who yammered on about Twilight, I wouldn't be able to help complain about it whenever they started up. It's not something I can contain :(
I read it, but it's... too juvenile. LOL

I cracked up with the Avatar analogy XD
I can name ten books that are better than Twilight and they don't contain any sparkly vampires or an idiot, shallow female character.

On overhype, I can understand the feeling. For me, it wasn't Twilight but the anime series, Guren Lagaan and Code Geass, both of which were so hyped up by everyone and praised to the high heavens and AJKSHJSHJA. The worse is when these fans insisted on shoving how 'Guren and CG are teh best anime evah!' in all of anime. Psh. It's due to those hype that I have no interest or intention of ever watching these two series. Pity as I probably would have liked them some way or other.
Heh, I'm sooo behind the times I don't even understand what you are talking about. Seriously. Never heard about this Twilight thingie.
I could not agree with you more. I am a known bookaholic in my family and generally read everything and anything I can get my hands on. usually my mom always gets me a $100 dollar gift card to borders so i can get what I want but for some reason when the book first came out she bought it for me (in hard cover) I don't think i even got past the first chapter when I put it away in my book stash with things I will never read again, and when the next books in the series came out and she bought them for me again I couldn't believe it.

Anyway the book makes a good door stop as far as I am concerned and it blew my mind when I saw a trailer for the movie recently when I went to the theater, I couldn't believe some one was dumb enough to pay a screenwriter to make a script, let alone green light the project.

anyway, I just wanted to say ditto to everything you said earlier.

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In trying to be rational-minded about Twilight, I thought about Meg Cabot. I think a lot of people judge her books based on the covers and summaries. The writing is actually pretty sharp in places, but covered with a fourteen-year-old's scrawly squee. But you only have to peel it back a little to see how much she's permeated the mental psyche of young girls. Also, she's always gently pushing the very good concepts of being yourself, making up your own mind about things, that popularity isn't the be all and end all.

Then there's Twilight. It's one thing to pass these off if you haven't read them, to say they're crap because of the subject matter or the age of the characters or the setting. But for the life of me I cannot understand anyone - even people who love nothing better than vampires in the ENTIRE WORLD - still liking these after reading them. A lot of people's excuses are that they would have loved them when they were younger. Not good enough. Roald Dahl, Meg Cabot, Louisa May Alcott, Francis Hodgeson Burnett, LM Montgomery - they all wrote kids books that are eminently readable no matter what age you are.

Someone said in that thread that there was crack in the ink. I'm inclined to believe that. However, my copy was crack-free, just full of shit writing.

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I saw this post earlier and actually had to up what you were talking about. I've never heard of these books before. Consider me seriously out of the loop. ;)