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Shopping for a watch...

On Memorial day weekend, my sis and I went to Six Flags. It was awesome, except my supposedly water resistant watch (up to 50m!) broke. So I need to buy a new one...

My skin breaks out if I use leather or metal, so I'm stuck with plastic watches - usually the sports type. I also tend to prefer analogue too and with indicators to where the numbers are (preferably with lines). Never realised there so few options left :( I've boiled it down to two choices:

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Looking for something simple, not too heavy, plastic, analog and with line indicators. If you know of any, feel free to holler.
Swatch used to be all about the all-plastic analog watches. I don't know if they still are, but the vintage ones are always on eBay. Some cute designs too.
try and search for "analog" (since most companies don't spell it right anymore).

Or, if you want a bit spendier one with an 11 year warranty check You can search by material OR movement, and they have synthetic and fabric options listed...
How about Swatch watches? Those are fun and cute and you can get plastic choices, too. I own couple of Swatch watches; one has a plastic strap and the other is furry, I think.

As for the poll, go for the red and black one. It's more dramatic.
I really like the red one. I can't wear watches, they all stop working on my wrist, no matter what type they are or if they have a new battery in. Maybe I should get that type that runs off your own body power.