* why god why?

The hotness of HP fen...

bzzinglikeneon pointed out the latest round of HP Fanartists Vs. HP Fanficcers - who is hotter? The random picspam made me insanely flaily XD

And I had to say this:

Y'know, I'd love to represent except, there's no category for the reccers, or the comm layout makers (and I don't think HP icons count as fanart)...though I have done some random drabbles that never went anywhere and this was my last scanned HP art:


Yeah, my skillz at art are limited to doodles in note books >_< And I can only do chibi dolls :(
ITS A CHIBI. NOT JUST A CHIBI, BUT A CHIBI DOLL WITH TWO X FOR EYES. My sister could draw and paint the little mermaid in highschool *_*

In other news, that is one damn cute chibi. And as an art school veteran, I say it definitely puts you in the realm of fansrtists.
OMG. Your chibi!Harry owns my life. *hugs him tight*


I'm kind of tempted to colour him now. Probably not a good idea. But seriously, I love that art. You're much better than you give yourself credit for, my dear.
Hello :)
i'm new at livejournal and i like your layouts so much.
I would also like to own a layout on my blog, but i don't understands the codes. i have already made a design.
so I wanted to ask you, if you could code my layout? That would be super sweet. of course i would link you! I would be very pleased to have a response.
PS. sorry for the poor English, I am a German ^ ^
Re: Hello :)

It's really awesome that you considered me for this, but I don't have the time to do it at the moment. The only layout I'm currently planning to design for someone else is the livelongnmarry winning bidder:


If you really, really want it, then you could try bidding - or you could always start playing aroung with code yourself - it takes time, but its worth it in the long run :)
hahah~ oh my! i can't believe how much i can relate to that...
i can only draw on lined paper like in notebooks and only chibi ones too.Sometimes I draw normal looking heads but only up to that, no more arms or body. LOL.

Yeah...I wrote one drabble so far...that doesn't really make me fanficcer...:(

I hope I'll be able to participate in next round :P After I write some fics :D
ahh, so cute ! ^__^
and only making chibi dolls is something, I suck at drawing :'[