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Ijimae *_*

I feel like a teenager when I see Lee Jun Ki in Iljimae.


My face was like this ---> O_O and I meeped. There are so many moments where all I can do is watch LJK's expressions - my mind just edits out any females. Though scenes with other men shirtless is also a bonus :) Seeing LJK do martial arts also makes me go \o/ 'cause his actions are so fluid.

You can download the episodes here @ Aigoo and the subtitles over here @ KST
Is it really that good?
I watched part of the first episode but didn't finish.
Should I try one more time?
It takes a while and it isn't until episode 7 I think that he becomes 'Iljimae' - there are 20 episodes in total..and the martial arts starts around halfway through :)