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Books, Anime and Skandar Keynes

[001] pourtant pointed out Ben/Will/SKANDAR fic! I rarely read RPS, but some peeps, like Skandar - I just can't resist. And wasn't disappointed :)

If you have no idea who these guys are, think CASPIAN/PETER/EDMUND, except y'know, the actors. It also led me to likecharity's awesome post on the movie which is a treasure.

[002] livelongnmarry had me up all night and threw off my sleep pattern :( Won several fabulous bits, including femmequixotic's auction but lost snegurochka_lee's in the last 20 seconds- I thought I was getting over it but I feel depressed at the thought of waiting a year or more for a sequel to Scorpius Malfoy's Very Bad Week ;_; It's the one big fic for my Next-gen!OTP *sigh* Give me a day or two - I'm sure I'll bounce back.

[003] I switched to utorrent from azureus and it's small, fast and efficient - thanks for the rec guys!

[004] meiface's post about Gundam Wing reminded me that I need to do a rec list for it - will probably be a long time coming though, considering the amount of stuff on the To Do List. I'll probably be able to do the original slash list faster >_>

[005] Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox was super light and I really expected there to be more...stuff going on. Fun but not enough.

[006] Ended up rewatching the anime Beck yesterday - it's one of those shows that start out slow but is total ♥ The english is funny and the music makes me all *_* And whenever Yukio says "Saku" in that adorable, heartfelt, teary voice I just FLAIL 'cause AAWWWWW

[007] Got a ticket for Terminus + Wrock for $110 from someone who couldn't make it - SCORE!

[008] Oh and on GW - if you've read fanfiction in the fandom, have y'all read "The Characterization Rants" by Tzigane? I recently rediscovered it after scouring the net (the original location has been down for *years*)
Oh my god oh my god oh my god THANK YOU for reccing that fic. I have been craving Will/Skandar and Will/Skandar/Ben SO MUCH and have been unable to find any. ♥ You rock.
Hahaha, you're welcome! Quality Skandar fic is lacking but the author has written quite a bit of it. Still, I liked the angst and realism in this one in particular :)
LOL when you mentioned GW, I went "Fanfics for Guild Wars O_o??!! Which NPC to slash *___*!!"

Ah wells...
HAHAHAHAHA, I forget that today the common connection tends to be to the games alternative of the letters GW XD
It was the first thing to pop into my head since I've been playing GW again lately.

Oh, and thanks for the link to the Ben/Will/Skandar fic *__* New OT3 maybe??!!!
I completely understand - GW is the only game on my computer - though I'm really not a gamer and haven't loaded it in months.

Glad you liked it! I find Skandar!RPS pretty rare (or at least decent stuff) so I had to squee about it XD
Hee, I love when recs actually find people who appreciate them. :D