Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Books, Anime and Skandar Keynes

[001] pourtant pointed out Ben/Will/SKANDAR fic! I rarely read RPS, but some peeps, like Skandar - I just can't resist. And wasn't disappointed :)

If you have no idea who these guys are, think CASPIAN/PETER/EDMUND, except y'know, the actors. It also led me to likecharity's awesome post on the movie which is a treasure.

[002] livelongnmarry had me up all night and threw off my sleep pattern :( Won several fabulous bits, including femmequixotic's auction but lost snegurochka_lee's in the last 20 seconds- I thought I was getting over it but I feel depressed at the thought of waiting a year or more for a sequel to Scorpius Malfoy's Very Bad Week ;_; It's the one big fic for my Next-gen!OTP *sigh* Give me a day or two - I'm sure I'll bounce back.

[003] I switched to utorrent from azureus and it's small, fast and efficient - thanks for the rec guys!

[004] meiface's post about Gundam Wing reminded me that I need to do a rec list for it - will probably be a long time coming though, considering the amount of stuff on the To Do List. I'll probably be able to do the original slash list faster >_>

[005] Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox was super light and I really expected there to be more...stuff going on. Fun but not enough.

[006] Ended up rewatching the anime Beck yesterday - it's one of those shows that start out slow but is total ♥ The english is funny and the music makes me all *_* And whenever Yukio says "Saku" in that adorable, heartfelt, teary voice I just FLAIL 'cause AAWWWWW

[007] Got a ticket for Terminus + Wrock for $110 from someone who couldn't make it - SCORE!

[008] Oh and on GW - if you've read fanfiction in the fandom, have y'all read "The Characterization Rants" by Tzigane? I recently rediscovered it after scouring the net (the original location has been down for *years*)

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